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u3a Click and Save Information

What is u3a Click and Save?
u3a Click and Save is a scheme that gives you cash back when you shop with selected retailers. You could see annual savings of hundreds of pounds on a range of shops, supermarkets, restaurants, and services including big brands such as Sainsbury's, M&S, and Costa Coffee.

What can I save?
Each retailer offers a designated percentage rebate e.g., 5%. So, by way of an example: if you purchased a Gift Card or e-Gift for £100 (i.e., 1,000 points) on a retailer offering 5% saving, then this would mean 500 points (£5) will be credited to your Click and Save rebate account. Essentially, 1 point is the equivalent to 1 penny. The rebate will be applied to your Click & Save account 14 days after the order.

Points will be credited to your account 14 days after loading or purchasing a Gift Card or e-Gift. This period is required to ensure that refunds are not credited with points.

How does it work?
Once you are registered on this Click and Save site (provided by us, Parliament Hill), you can click through to the Blackhawk Network partner website and purchase your choice of retailer Gift Cards, e-Gifts or top up an existing reloadable card - note that existing Gift Cards can only be topped up with additional funds, if they were originally purchased through this programme.

Simply then select the retailer you wish to buy from, these can be physical or e-cards. Gift Cards & e-Codes are specific to each retailer.

Once you've chosen the retailer Gift Card or e-Gift that you wish to purchase, simply select the desired value and quantity and go through the checkout process. Note that only debit cards transactions are accepted and that credit card payments are not permitted.

When you redeem your Gift Card or e-Gift (online or in store) the full amount is charged and debited from the value of the Gift Card or e-Gift. The rebate you’ve accrued is credited to the personal account you’ve set up on the Click and Save website.

What can I do with the rebate I accrue in my Click and Save savings account?
You can then use the points in your account to:

Load money onto an existing re-loadable Gift card
Purchase additional retailer Gift Cards & e-Gifts from the available selection
Or, once the savings reach £25 (or 2,500 points), they can be donated to your own u3a
Points cannot be redeemed for cash, nor can they be transferred to a bank account
Points are provided with a validity period of twenty-four (24) calendar months. After that time, they will become void and will no longer be capable of redemption.

How does my u3a benefit?
Don’t forget, that as a condition of signing up and purchasing Gift Cards and e-Gifts, from August 2021, 10% of your savings from each purchase will be automated donated to your u3a.

Donations to charities of £25 plus will be made on the last working day of each calendar month. The points will be taken straight away, but the payment will be later in the month.

Are there any costs for me?
We want to ensure that Gift Cards get delivered to you safely and securely. Therefore, there is a postage fee of £1.60 for Gifts Cards being sent with a value of up to £10,000.
There is a £0.25 charge for dispatching each digital code and a £0.25 charge for topping up a reloadable Gift Card. (Reloadable cards can only be topped up if originally purchased through the Click and Save programme)

How do I see the remaining balance on my card?

There are two options to find out how much you have left on your card.

Visiting the retailer website
If you are going into the retail store, you can ask the cashier for the remaining balance at the till and they can print it out for you
What happens if I lose a card? e.g. I have a Costa card and I lose it?
Members should treat Gift Cards & e-Gifts in the same way as cash. There is a £2.50 investigation charge - paid by the member for re-shipping if possible (dependant on retailer). This covers both online and offline orders. The cards are like cash and are not pin-protected.

Can a member's Gift Card be redeemed by anyone else?
Yes, gift cards are treated in the same way cash would be.

What happens if a member leaves u3a?
Before they leave, the member needs to make sure that they transfer their rebate onto a Gift Card / e-Gift. This way, they won’t lose out. Note that the minimum top up value permitted is typically £1 (100 points)

How long do I have to use my accrued rebate?
There is a 2-year maximum window to use accrued rebate. After that point, the rebate will no longer be available.