Bedale & District



Beacon – what is it?

You may remember when you renewed your membership this year that we told you that we are moving our administration, including your membership record, onto Beacon, the u3a’s management system.

Beacon was developed by the u3a for all u3as and is widely used across the country. It will support the administration of Bedale and District u3a and its Groups and it will be a huge time saver for the committee and volunteers as all the membership and Group information will now be on a single system.

All your data will be held together securely and in one place and using Beacon ensures that we are compliant with the current regulations on Data Privacy.

How will it affect me?

Initially you won’t see a lot of changes other than you will begin to get e mails and Newsletters which will tell you that they have been sent by a Committee member ‘via Bedale & District u3a.’ If you seem to missing some communications please check your spam/junk folder.

The next steps.

Beacon has a lot of features; it has a complete Finance function for example; Group Leaders can use it to manage their Groups and Individual members can have access to their own records, should they want to. At this stage however, we intend to take things slowly; initially we are going to use Beacon to manage Membership and Group records and to send emails and letters. We want the changes to be more evolution than revolution.

If you would like to know more.

There is a lot of information about Beacon on the national u3a site ( or at the link opposite, including a short video explaining what it is all about. As we progress we hope to invite a speaker to give us a talk and demonstration of the system.