Computer Confidence Members Page

Meetings are informally structured, so that, rather than jumping around the room answering individual questions in a haphazard fashion, we can spend the first half of the meeting with a presentation, or discussion, on a particular computer related topic, and then we can try to answer a few individual queries.

Future presentations will include the following topics:

Emails using MAIL - Browsing The Internet
Windows Security - Using Skype
Programs/Apps - Editing photographs
Family Tree On The Internet - Microsoft Office
Word Processing - Spreadsheets
Files, Folders and Online Storage - Printing

Any topic which has already been discussed is available as a PDF file from the Computer Confidence Presentations page.

Additionally, there is a website which has some useful demonstrations of how to perform functions within Windows 10:
Windows 10 Online Resources Windows 10 Resources

If there is a particular topic you would like to be included, please make contact via the Bird on the main page, or mention it at a meeting, and your suggestion may well be included for future discussion.