Z June 19 - 21st Century Jazz

A good turnout for this months topic - 21st Century Jazz - and a mix of old songs brought forwards, and also new tracks written and recorded in the new millenium. Brief running order as follows:
1) Dick Hyman & Ken Peplowski, piano & tenor sax: "Gone with the wind" live at the Kitano Hotel
2)Clare Teal - Feeling so light.
£) Gregory Porter - Free.
4 ) Greg Porter 1964
5) "Impulse" The universe wakes up.
6) Phronesis piano Ivo NEAME< drums Anton Egger,Jasper Hooiby,base
7) Marakesh Kyle Eastwood
8)Jugular Kevin Dean, trumpet trio. vintage horns.
9) New Focus.
10)Michael Buble" Georgia" followed by "Crazy love" ?
11)Summertime- Lynne Arriale, piano,Omer Avital Anthoni Pinciotti,Bill Henry sax .Someone played drums & mallets.
120 Samba Preludio
13) Kyle Eastwood Big noise from Winetka.