Z May 19 - European Jazz

European Jazz - again a very open topic - from European performers, to European Composers, to music played in Europe, to tunes with a Europe connection in the title - or a combination of those - as interpreted by our enthusiastic group.Wevalos welcomed a new member Gil!
Kicked off with a blues song - performed by Albert Cooper - a Norwich man, now in his mid-80's but still knocking the songs out. With this one on the periphery of the topic - Norwich is in Europe, and blues is jazz! (a subset? or fore runner).
Then on to more recognisable European fare:
- Statesboro Blues by Anal Popovic - a Serbian Lady Guitarist, and also a 12 bar blues!
- then one from David's immense tape archive - Dans les rues D'Antibes - played by Bechet Legacy (Bob Wilbur)
- Three Little Words - Django Reinhardt + Qunitette de Hot Club de France
- then Ray introduced us to a tenor sax player he met and heard on a street corner in Copenhagen with But Beautiful by the Jesper Thilo Quartet.
- Night in Tunisia - Modern String Quartet
- Colin introduced the Dutch Swing College Band playing Gate Mouth, after Louis Armstrong
- Irma la Douce - Grapelli and Legrand
- Autumn Leaves by Lars Danielson (bass) and Paolo Fresu (trumpet), followed by a very different interpretation of the same song by Legrand and Grapelli
- Jeepers Creepers - Karin Krog (the song originally apparently featured in a film with Louis Armstrong talking to a horse!?)
- Praying by Leskek Mozder, a Polish pianist with a stunning bass player
- I remember you - by Andrea Motis - Spanish singer and trumpeter -not at the same time!
- I got rhythm - Stephan Grapelli
- La Goualante du Pauvre Jean - Richard Galliano (accordian) and Sylvain Luc (guitar) - BTW - the title translates to "The Ballad of Poor John" according to Wikipedia.
- We've only just begun - by a Norwegian Eddie Becker
- Whats New - by Silje Nergaard and trio (Silje pronounced Celia)to finish yet another grand afternoon listening to splendid music!!