Simple Safety Plan

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The following actions should be taken before, during and after each row


Ongoing Administration

+ Maintain records, for each member, of:-

  • - "IN CASE OF EMERGENCY"(ICE) contacts
  • - Any relevant medical conditions

Two Days Before the Event

+ Check forecasts for Weather, Wind, Tide
+ Inform Group Members of any changes or cancellations

Before Rowing

+ Brief rowers on Expected Conditions e.g.

Weather; Wind; Tide; Route; Duration; Known hazards;

+ Brief rowers on Emergency Arrangements e.g.

Illness; Exhaustion; Accident; Weather problems; Equipment problems;

+ Complete pre-use checks on boats (and canoes as appropriate):

  • - No visible hull damage
  • - Buoyancy chamber free of water & hatches secured
  • - Drain bung securely in place
  • - Rowlocks secured by retainer
  • - Righting lines rigged
  • - Bailer and sponge in boat
  • - Warps in place
  • - 1 oar per rower + 2 Paddles
  • - Throw line carried (when canoes are being used)

While Rowing

+ Carry:-

mobile phone;cox'n's phone numbers; ICE Contacts list;Medical Conditions list;

After Rowing

+ Complete "After Use" checks:-

  • - Boats correctly secured with bungs out
  • - All Sea Cadet equipment correctly stowed
  • - Boathouse and compound correctly secured
  • - Any accidents reported to U3A & OIC Sea Cadets
  • - Any equipment damage reported to OIC Sea Cadets



Before Rowing

+ Ensure "Emergency Items" are carried:-

  • - Mobile phone in waterproof bag
  • - Enter Convenor's mobile number in phone memory
  • - First Aid kit and space blanket in waterproof bag

+ Confirm crew has sufficient experienced/strong rowers to cope with the conditions
+ Brief the crew on safety precautions and Cox’n's rowing commands to be used
+ Confirm that new rowers are aware of 1) what to expect - and 2) what is expected from them

While Rowing

+ Maintain control of the boat and crew at all times, in particular:-

  • - Keep alert and be observant
  • - Keep to right hand (starboard) side of the river
  • - Keep a proper lookout for other river users - afloat and onshore
  • - Give way to motor and sailing vessels
  • - Warn crew of oncoming vessels
  • - Avoid shallow water, fishermen, swimmers, reeds, branches, flotsam etc.
  • - "Hold water" if unsure of another craft's movements
  • - Visually monitor crew members' physical condition
  • - Cancel or shorten the session if weather conditions or rower tirednesss dictate
  • - Maintain regular contact between boats, and especially with canoes, if in use

After Rowing

+ Ensure boat is correctly secured, with bung out, and that all Sea Cadet equipment is returned and correctly stored
+ Report to Convenors any incidents with other parties or vessels; any injuries or illnesses to members; and any loss of or damage to any property


On joining the Group

+ Inform convenors of:-

  • - Details of person to be contacted "In Case of Emergency" (ICE)
  • - Any medical condition, illness or injury likely to be affected by rowing (having consulted their GP if necessary)

On the Day

+ It is essential for every individual's safety and personal comfort to:-

  • - Wear appropriate clothing and footwear
  • - Wear sun glasses and use sun protection cream as required
  • - Wear the correct size of buoyancy aid or lifejacket, correctly fitted and fastened

Before Rowing

+ Assist in the safe preparation of the boats/canoes using appropriate "Manual Handling" techniques

While Rowing

At all times:-

  • - Remain seated unless instructed by cox'n to move
  • - Ensure only one person is standing at any time
  • - Keep alert and report to the cox'n any relevant information e.g.
other vessels astern; fishermen; swimmers; obstructions; equipment problems; tiredness;

After Rowing

+ Assist in safe and secure stowage of boats/canoes and their equipment, using appropriate "Manual Handling" techniques


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