Past Science Presentations

Here we have a selection of papers produced for presentation at our Science in the News meetings. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all such papers but a selection to give a good picture of the range and depth of the topics we cover.
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The current links are to the following presentations and if you have further questions on any of these please contact the Convenor who will redirect you to the author(s).

George Fisher following the major power outage which took place in August 2019, gave the group a useful brief Blackout on what happened, where the problems took place and how the system was brought back up to full speed.
Jane Newbold gave us a detailed update, DNA, on the history of DNA, its discovery and development over more than a century, followed by a summary of present day applications of this major analysis tool.
Sheringham Shoal Parts 1, 2 and 3
These should be viewed in numerical order as they are sequential slides from a contiguous presentation given by George Fisher. The breaks are simply to reduce the file sizes on the website.
This presentation provides a good background to wind farm engineering and particularly to the Sheringham Shoal farm, of particular importance to our locale.

Dr Mike Lloyd gave us a detailed review of recent developments in the early detection of Parkinson's Disease. The work described is still very much in the research/development phase but is giving some signs of being of real benefit. It was highlighted in a recent BBC TV documentary program.

John Humphrey provided an excellent review of ship generated atmospheric pollution, until recently ignored as of real concern. However, this is now being highlighted as a major contributor to global atmospheric pollution.