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Meetings are informally structured, so that, rather than jumping around the room answering individual questions in a haphazard fashion, we can spend the first half of the meeting with a presentation, or discussion, on a particular computer related topic, and then we can try to answer a few individual queries.

Future presentations will include the following topics:

Emails using MAIL Browsing The Internet
Windows Security Using Skype
Programs/Apps Editing picture using PHOTOS
Family Tree On The Internet Microsoft Office
Word Processing Spreadsheets
Files, Folders and Online Storage Printing

The following topic have been discussed,

and may be covered again in the future:

Topic -- Online Presentation --
The Windows 10 Environment Desktop Presentation
Using your Mouse Using a Mouse
Using Keyboard Shortcuts Shortcut Keys
-:- Shortcut Keys Exercise Part 1 Shortcuts 1
-:- Shortcut Keys Exercise Part 2 Shortcuts 2
Folders, Files and Storage
Surfing the Internet
Introduction to Spreadsheets

I will try to add presentations as I produce them, but please be patient as I'm having to learn these things on the go.

If there is a particular topic you would like to be included, please make contact via the Bird on the main page, or mention it at a meeting, and your suggestion may well be included for future discussion.