ZZ June 2018 - Female Inst

Originally topic to be Female Instrumentalists, the subject was expanded to include Singers as well, as we found how male dominated the Jazz scene used to be.
We listened and discussed a wide selection:
- Ray Da Costa - 2 piano pieces (not sure i have the name spelt correctly, found no info) - introduced by David
- Bessie Smith - the great - " nicknamed "the Empress of Jazz" - songs from the 1930's - including Gimme a Pigfoot - which we learnt is a fish - Cecilie
- Sarah Vaughan - Summertime and Body and Soul - Katie
- Emma Johnson - clarinettist - listened to a medley of Gerswin songs as a tribute to Benny Goodman (in the style of)
- Laura Jurd - trumpet and composer - modern jazz (Laura born 1990) with her band Dinosaur - "Hardanger" - Lesley
- Ivy Benson and her All Girls Band - big band sound, played 1940's to around 1980, listened to Stardust - John
- Candy Dulfer - saxophonist - listed to a track from her album Saxuality - John
- David then introduced a series of female singers - Blossom Dearie, Rose Murphy, Cleo Brown, Meredith D'Ambrosia - great version of "when a woman loves a man", and then 2 piano pieces - Stephanie Trick and Jessica Williams
- Diana led a song - Jimmy Crack Corn
- and then Nina Simone singing My Baby Don't Care - Lesley.