ZZ April 18 Meeting - Spring

Some of the music we listened to:
"I'll remember April" - Bud Powell Trio (Katy), Charles Mingus Quintet and Miles Davis (John), Frank Sinatra
"It might as well be Spring" -Sarah Vaughan (Peter), Stacey Kent (Stuart), Cleo Laine (Reyn)
"Stormy Weather" - Lena Horne (Reyn)
"Robin's Nest" Ella Fitzgerald (Colin)
"Spring can really hang you up the most" - Clare Teal (Peter)
"Under a blanket of blue" - Benny Goodman Sextet (Stuart)
"Autumn Leaves" - live performance by Stuart and Diana
"Le Pont Royal" - Kyle Eastwood (Lesley)
"March winds and April showers" - Wingy Manone and his Harlem Hotshots (Cecilie)
"Come Rain or Come Shine" - Tommy Dorsey (Katy)

The first two tracks were listened to by a number of different performers and the treatment very, very different for the same song!
We also noted the difference in performance from songs done in the 30's and 40's to those made later from 1950's onwards.
Note - Kyle Eastwood - Clint's son and an excellent bass player!!!
And we sang a brief rendition of Happy Birthday for Reyn - and great cake Cecilie! Thank you.