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We often receive information from the central office that may or may not be useful to groups or individual members. Such information has, to date, been listed at the bottom of the Latest News page and consequently can get overlooked. General notices regarding such issues as Copyright and Insurance will now be listed on this page.

Beccles U3A Policies and Procedures

Code of Conduct 2018
Disciplinary Procedures 2018
Grievance Procedures
Legitimate Interest Assessment - Next of Kin
Privacy Policy 2018
Safeguarding Policy & Procedure 2018
Constitution 2018

More information available soon

MPLC - Motion Picture Licensing Corporation The Third Age Trust has purchased a licence for all the production companies covered by Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (please note this is not all production companies), a list of which can be found on their website Motion Picture Licensing company It will start on February 1st and cover you for 12 months to show films outside your homes for both educational and entertainment purposes.


Central Office holds a tremendous selection of resource material ranging from books to DVDs and CDs most of which are available on loan to any U3A Group for only the cost of the postage. To find out more click on Resource Centre If you are looking for advice on a particular subject, please go to Subject Advice

Learning Opportunities

I've just discovered a vast directory of learning opportunities available to all U3A members, many of which are free. If you are wanting to broaden your horizons, go to Learning Opportunities

National Office have supplied a very comprehensive and clear document in respect of copyright and how it applies to the U3A movement. Please click on Copyright for the important details. If you have any queries in respect of copyright please contact the Chair via the website links page.

Governance Consultation Survey Report
The findings and recommendations in respect of proposed changes to the Third Age Trust have been received from the National Office. You may have read about this in the “Third Age Matters” magazine (TAM). For more information please click on Working Group Findings

Insurance for Event Planning
Beccles U3A is member organisation which has insurance cover arranged by the Third Age Trust. This insurance is supplied to protect members, convenors and the trustees of Beccles U3A. If you propose to organise an activity such as a joint event, visit or trip etc please ensure to advise the Executive Committee (Trustees) with the details so that U3A insurance cover for the activity can be confirmed. Please send us the event details well in advance of the proposed date so that the National Office can be contacted to validate the insurance cover. Please note that we have been advised by our insurers that we can NOT accommodate children/grandchildren as a matter of course at U3A activities in future as a result of on-going changes in insurance and risk. See Non-Beccles U3A Member Activity Policy for more information.

Legal Helpline No longer available - please see Legal Statement

Library facilities - For those of you who wish to have access to a University library, The Suffolk and District Network of U3As has arranged access to University of Suffolk libraries in Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft and Ipswich. For contact details please go to Library Facilities

Nuisance Calls - FREE service to protect you from nuisance calls/scams if you have a BT landline. It is an automated procedure and takes one minute.
Call 0800 389 1572 from your landline to activate the service. When you get a nuisance call simply put the phone down and dial 1572 and this the number gets added to their blacklist. Takes 24 hours to activate.

Page Editors Guide - If you are new to editing your U3A Group web page or need a bit of help uploading images or files, this handy guide will help. If you are still unsure or would like some help, please don't hesitate to contact the Webmaster, I will be more than happy to help.


The Third Age Trust has recently supplied a booklet entitled Getting Involved in Research. The booklet aims:

  • To encourage U3A members (including those who feel they have no research experience) to get involved in research
  • To demystify research and make it readily accessible
  • To demonstrate types of research carried out by U3A members
  • To provide basic guidelines on developing or getting involved in a research project

If you are thinking of undertaking a research project this booklet may be of value. Please contact the Business Secretary for a copy.

U3A Benefits and Services Find out more about how being a member of the U3A can help you.

Website scams and frauds

From identity theft to emptying your bank account, there are some very nasty website-based cons out there. Here are a couple of authentic websites from highly respected organisations offering advice, hints and tips on how to spot a fraudulent website.

Which How to spot a fake, fraudulent or scam website

Citizens Advice Bureau Check if something might be a scam

Beccles U3A is a Registered Charity with the number 1168510