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Glemham Hall

Glemham Hall Glemham Hall Glemham Hall Glemham Hall

A party of 20 were entertained by the Owner and Host of Glemham Hall. He was informative and very entertaining and kept us in fits of laughter, at the same time as giving us valuable information on the Hall and his family History; a much enjoyed outing. Even the sun came out for us to be able to enjoy the gardens as well as the house. We also enjoyed a lovely tea with home made cake, biscuits and tea orcoffee to finish of the day.

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Hampton Court Palace

A party of us set off early to go to Hampton Court but within half an hour we were greeted with rain. Thankfully, the nearer we got to the palace the rain ceased and the temperature rose and it turned out to be the perfect day to explore the palace and the gardens. Staff at the palace were very helpful and all our questions answered. We all thoroughly enjoyed the actors sharing all the gossip, facts and fiction that are hidden behind the grand facades of all our most historic buildings.

Hampton Court Hampton Court Hampton Court


Ipswich and boat trip on the Orwell Lady

The visit to Ipswich and Boat trip with afternoon tea was very successful and was enjoyed by all. We visited Christchurch Park and Mansion House which was most informative and fun and there was also an opportunity to explore Ipswich. We all enjoyed the boat trip on the Orwell Lady and benefitted from a very informative skipper who was able to tell us all about the large houses along the way. Going under the Orwell Bridge was an quite an experience!

Mansion Hall, Ipswich Mansion Hall Ipswich Ipswich Boat Trip Ipswich Boat Trip


Lavenham & Melford Hall

Arriving at Lavenham I think those of us who had never been before were delighted with the fine houses. After the regular cup of tea we went into the Guildhall and were amazed at the knowledge and humour of our guide, Fiona Bradshaw. Fiona explained not only the purpose of the guildhall but the town and area around it. was one of the best guided tours that we have enjoyed.

Lavenham Lavenham Lavenham Lavenham

We then went on to Melford Hall where we were warmly met by Ian, our guide, who gave us a very informative talk. We then found our own way around. This house is still used by the past owners who have just one wing of the house while the National Trust....due to death duties ....own the rest. A truly lovely building.

Melford Hall Melford Hall Melford Hall Melford Hall Melford Hall Melford Hall Melford Hall


Paris, Versaille and Monet's Garden

Hotel An excellent hotel, good food and fine company ensured that this short break to Paris, Versailles and Monet's Garden was a success. Thank you to everyone who has sent in their images.

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Palace of Versailles and Monet\'s Garden

Monet's Garden

Monet Monet Monet Monet Monet


Versailles Versailles Versailles Versailles Versailles