Visits and Trips Information


Payment for an outing or event should be by cheque, one for each trip, payable to Beccles U3A Social Account, and accompanied by a completed Booking Form. Booking Forms can be downloaded for printing (both sides, please) by using the link in the side menu. On the reverse side of the cheque please put the name of the outing you are booking and if paying for more than one person please list names and membership numbers.

It is very important that members wanting to go on an outing book as soon as possible to secure their place, please.

Enquiries to the Events Secretary - Irene Squirrell - via the Bird or by telephone to 713622.


Our Social events are restricted to members only.

If you have any concerns about the suitability of an outing and/or need any special requirements please contact the Events Secretary so that we can advise you accordingly before you make a booking.

It is the responsibility of the individual person making a booking to advise us fully of any health, dietary or mobility issues so that we can assist your needs and confirm accessibility.

Members travel and attend at their own risk. The U3A Public Liability insurance cover does NOT cover members for personal accidents whilst taking part in a trip, unless the accident occurs due to the negligence of the U3A trip organiser, the venue or the transport company. You are encouraged to take out your own personal accident cover if you do not already have such cover.

Please note that individual seats on a coach cannot be reserved. The event organiser will have a reserved seat and allocate other reserved seats on occasions for the benefit of members who have a special requirement.

Members must accept the Events Organisers decision at all times otherwise they risk not having any future bookings accepted.


When booking to attend a Trip or Visit.

1. An Event Booking Form MUST be completed and all your details filled in as required by Beccles U3A. It is important that the form is fully completed as the form will be taken by the organiser on the relevant visit/trip. The detail may be required for accessibility needs or in the event of an emergency.

2. Telephone bookings will only be accepted if the booking form and payment is received by the Events Secretary direct by hand or via 1st class post within two days of booking.

3. In general full payment will be required with a completed booking form. Where a deposit if offered, it will be 20% or £10 whichever is greater and must be paid with your booking form which should be sent to the Events Secretary Irene Squirrell, whose address is on the front of this form.
The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. Once your booking has been checked and accepted you will get a written acknowledgement via email or post.

4. Full payments or balance of payments MUST be made by the due date specified for the event. If after this stage you cannot go yourself it is suggested that rather than the U3A taking a loss you find another U3A member to take your place.

5. Payment may be by cheque -payable to the Beccles U3A Social Account. A cash payment can only be received if a receipt can be issued at the time of the transaction. Please remember cash payments can always be made at the monthly meeting where a receipt will be given.

6. All trips and visits are subject to final confirmation subject to their financial viability

In order to continue with our very comprehensive calendar of social events we ask for your co-operation in all of the above.

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