Tourist French

Convenor Kate O'Brienvacancies
Date 2nd and 4th Fridays of each monthNo waiting list
Time group A 10am until noon, newer group B 2pm to 4pm
Venue Contact Convenor

This is a spoken French course designed for people who have a little rusty French, or none at all, and want to make the most of their visits to la belle France. It comprises practical everyday French situations and conversations - written French & formal grammar is kept to a minimum. It's highly participatory; everyone gets lots of time to speak French & build confidence. Both groups are following the same course. The afternoon group is the newer one, therefore is most suitable for new beginners.

While we are in lockdown, we're not able to have our usual meetings, and unfortunately my teaching method doesn't work on zoom. Hopefully we will be able to start again in the new year.

Tourist French group
The Friday group - 10th June 2016

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