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Covid 19

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak life has changed considerably with our Groups. Whilst a number are still not meeting quite a few have found a way of re-starting. Some are using tools like Zoom to have virtual meetings, others are starting to meet outdoors complying with social distancing and others are looking at renting rooms to find a way of getting together.

National Office has provided some very useful guidance for groups who want to get going. Advice on restarting groups If any convenor or active group member wants to meet together safely, have a look at the guidance and talk to your Group Support Person or contact the Chair at Chairman or Pippa Holliday at Groups Support 1. Or ring our number 07835 509773.

Joining a special interest group is great way to meet like-minded people. U3A groups are all about sharing ideas and expertise. The majority of our groups welcome people with all levels of ability whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro. There are over 50 groups to choose from so why not take a look at the list below to see if something interests you?

How do I join a group?
To join a group, click on the group name in the list below and you will be taken through to the group page where you will find the name of the Convenor, dates, times and meeting venue. To email the convenor, click on the bird to the right of the page.

Do I have to be a member of Beccles U3A to join a group?
Yes. However, you can take advantage of two taster sessions to see if the group suits you before committing yourself. Out of courtesy to the group, please contact the convenor prior to attending a meeting to let him or her know you are coming.

If you have a query regarding Groups, please contact Pippa Holliday via the bird.



Advice to special interest groups - See Covid 19 Advice for Interest Groups

Group Grants

Covid 19 Grants

Although some groups have continued to meet during lockdown, either to continue their interest or just to chat socially, others have found it difficult. We have established a new, short term grant of up to £150 to help groups continue with their activities or to kickstart them. If you are a convenor or an active member of a group and you would like to get going again then please consider applying. Guidance notes and an application form are available.

Covid 19 Grant Notes
Covid 19 Grant Application Form 2020

Group Grants 2020

The following forms are the usual Group grant application forms.

Group Grant Application Form 2020
Grants Briefing Notes


MPLC - Motion Picture Licensing Corporation The Third Age Trust has purchased a licence for all the production companies covered by Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (please note this is not all production companies), a list of which can be found on their website Motion Picture Licensing company It will start on February 1st and cover you for 12 months to show films outside your homes for both educational and entertainment purposes.

Page Editors Guide I have just uploaded this handy guide to editing your group web page. It will take you through most of what you need to know to log in and add information, images and files. However, if you would rather not edit your own page, please contact the Webmaster, I will be more than happy to make any changes for you.

Forms - The following forms are now available for Group Convenors

Equipment available for the use of convenors

Below is a list of equipment for the use of group convenors. These can be booked by contacting Sally Greenhill using Projector Guardian link or by phone to 715733. When collecting any equipment you will need to show your current Beccles U3A membership card, confirm your group name, and the in/out dates.

ProjectorFlip Chart
Portable ScreenDVD Player