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Previous Online Group Meetings

The Last Online Video Meeting - was held on Weds 16th September at 3pm.

  • Slide-show presentations:
  • - Graham gave a presentation about Close Up Photography
  • - There were some interesting photographs from our local walk in Bungay on 15th September at 10.00am,
  • - with a challenge to take 6 photos in 10 minutes from within the bounds of the Butter Cross.
  • Video Meeting - held on Weds 2nd September at 3pm.
  • Meeting Notes for 2nd September
  • Photography Magazine Roundup
  • - The UK Photography Show, is due to be held online on 20th & 21st September -
  • - Digital Camera Magazine are giving away 3 eBooks on Photography, by camera brand -
  • - Canon Magazine are giving away an eBook on “Ultimate Guide to Photography” -
  • - Nikon Magazine are giving away an eBook on how to “Master your camera in 4weeks” -
  • - NB. If you have a Library Card, then all magazines are available by Using PressReader
  • Slide-show presentations:
  • - Esme shared her photos and tips on Shooting Sunrises and Sunsets
  • - Photographs from a walk in Southwold Aug 2020,
  • - and member submissions for this months theme Themed Photos XYZ.
  • Video Meeting held on Wed 19th August, at 3.00pm.
  • - We had John with his technical talk about Exposure Compensation.
  • - Raveningham Sculpture Trail 2020 - images from Caz, Esme and Graham
  • - We also discussed the possibility of asking Dominic the Professional to do a photo walk with us in September.
  • - - (Dominic is the chap who has the pictures stall at Beccles Market).
  • - - The cost would be a maximum £10/head, possibly less if we can get 6 people or more to participate.
  • - - We are thinking of a walk around Southwold, w/c 7th September, if he is available – possibly Weds 9th.
  • - - The walk lasts about an hour, at a slow pace, with plenty of stops for photos and for you to ask questions.
  • Video Meeting held on Tues 4th August, at 3.00pm.
  • - Meeting Notes for 4th August
  • - Graham introduced the meeting with news relating to Photography magazine freebies, which are described in the meeting notes PDF file.
  • - Presentations today were:
  • - - A presentation by Graham about Panoramas and Photography
  • - - Esme displayed her photographs from the Cote d'Azur - in 2 parts - Cote d'Azur Part 1 / Cote d'Azur Part 2
  • - - Photographs from the members who attended the Beccles Market Walk-About 31st Jul 2020.
  • - We also decided to have an impromptu camera walk around the Raveningham Sculpture Trail 2020 on Tuesday 11th Aug,
  • - this was in addition to the planned walk on the 20th August to Southwold Harbour.
  • Video meeting held on Wednesday 15th July at 3:00pm.
  • - Meeting Notes for 15th July
  • - John gave a talk on Shooting Landscapes.
  • - Presentations of a few photographs of the group members Bungay Walk About Jul 2020.
  • - and of members photographs for the monthly theme "Photos of a theme - W"
  • - plus as it's "W" for Windmills, a short slide show of the Kinderdijk Windmills by Graham.
  • -
  • - This is the free App for Windows which was demonstrated during the meeting, it allows you to turn a colour photo into B&W and then colour in part of it.
  • - Fotor Color Splash Studio
  • - Although there is no User Guide or Manual to be found, it amply described in this article.
  • - Fotor Color Splash Guide
  • Video meeting held on Wednesday 1st July at 3:00pm.
  • - Meeting Notes for 1st July
  • - John started the meeting with the latest magazine news and a mention of Free eBooks which are currently available to download from Digital Camera World magazine.
  • - Graham gave a presentation as an "Introduction to Filters for Photography".
  • - Displayed members photographs submitted for "Photos of a theme - V"
  • - Members of the group had a walk around the Beccles Quay and Town Centre on the day before - "Beccles Walk About Jun 2020"
  • Video meeting held on Wednesday 17th June at 3:00pm.
  • - Wild Cats Safari/s:
  • - Esme had "volunteered" to show and discuss some of her wildlife photographs which she has taken over time, and together with Graham put on a fabulous show, with many lovely photos of big cats, taken by Esme and excellently compiled by Graham.
  • - Except for 2019, when she was the competition judge, Esme has either won or was runner up in our annual competitions with some fabulous images.
  • - And here we have the full slide-show of "Esmes Wildcat Safari" - In Three Parts
  • - Esmes Wildcat Safari Part 1 : Esmes Wildcat Safari Part 2 : Esmes Wildcat Safari Part 3
  • Video meeting held on Wednesday 20th May at 3:00pm.
  • - John presented a news item on Ruth Grindrod, a professional Landscape photographer based in Loddon who has just won the Scottish Nature Photography Award.
  • - Since the meeting, he has invited her to talk about her photography later this year, hopefully when we can meet again at the Caxton Club.
  • - This is a link to her website where you can see her achievements, both home and away - Ruth Grindrod - Gallery.
  • Graham then presented photographs submitted by members for the month of May Photos of a theme - U.
  • Video meeting held on Wednesday 6th May at 3:00pm.
  • - After an initial test session on the 2nd May, we held our first proper meeting on 6th May at 3pm, it lasted for about 40 minutes, and John showed us a couple of interesting articles with extracts from photography magazines - May 2nd Photography Info.
  • - He then gave a refresher presentation on Portraits - Pose and Lighting.


Recent Meetings and Presentations at the Caxton Club.

Wednesday 4th March 2020:

  • What is ISO ?: This was a presentation by Graham about understanding what ISO is and how to use it. With a passing mention of Aperture, Shutter Speed and the Exposure Triangle.
  • The theme for photo submissions today was the letter "T" - April T Photos Part 1 and April T Photos Part 2

Wednesday 19th February 2020:

  • A know your camera session : What do the knobs, menus and functions on your camera do? and why would you use them. Do you know what a histogram is and how to access it? Are time delay, burst and flash control obvious?

Wednesday 5th February 2020:

  • Using White Balance : Today we had a presentation from group member John, who gave a talk on the theory and practicality of "White Balance" and how to use it to be creative. White Balance Theory.

This was added to at the end with a presentation on using the camera manual to find out about using White Balance on their own camera, and how the settings have become more complex with each generation of new camera. White Balance Settings

Wednesday 15th January 2020:

  • Guest Speaker : For the meeting held on 15th January, our guest speaker for the day was Paul from the Beccles Camera Club, who showed some great photos, and brought a collection of gadgets that he used to get the shots. His entertaining and informative talk gave us ideas on how to make and use these things - often using bits of stuff found around the home.

Check the Photo Gallery page to see your photographs._