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Who/What is the U3A Digital Photography Group ?

  • The aim of the group is to increase the knowledge of members, through joint efforts and topical presentations by members, or the occasional guest speaker.
  • We are a friendly group with a common interest in photography, some members have a wealth of knowledge whilst the rest of us just tinker as happy snappers.
  • At the end of each meeting (time permitting) members are encouraged to submit their own photographs for others to enjoy.
  • Each month has an allocated letter of the alphabet to be used to describe the images. (ie. Feb could be the letter S for Seaside or Soup Tin).
  • Remembering that we are a friendly bunch and the comments are meant to be helpful, no matter how good you are, every photo can be improved.
  • Bring your own compositions in for comment and appraisal.
  • NB.
  • If a member would like their photographs to be displayed on this website,
  • please Contact Graham Evans for details and send photos.
  • or
  • - Click on the link to get your pictures up here: How to send photos by email

Planned Meetings
Information about the groups meetings can be found on the Digital Photography - Members Page

  • Group meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month throughout the year.
  • Members are requested not to forget to bring their Cameras and Manuals
  • You may be asked to practice parts of a presentation, or refer to your manual for clarification.

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Information about group presentations can be found on the Digital Photography - Presentations page.

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Future Presentations

  • Contributions from members are always welcome ~ anyone thinking of doing a few minutes to share experience and start a discussion need not be shy.
  • Pick any suitable subject or just talk about your camera/favourite photo - no expertise or professional presenting skills required.
  • There follows a list of possible subjects for future discussion. (This list is not conclusive).
  • Please let us know which you would be interested in seeing and what contribution you could make to the presentation.
  • Techniques
  • - Aperture; Shutter Speed; ISO; Exposure Triangle; Exposure Compensation; White Balance; Lighting and Flash; Histograms; Camera Mode Dial; Manual or Auto Mode; Shooting in "Raw"; HDR;
  • Types of Photography
  • - Portraits; Landscape; Panoramas; Sport and Action; Animals and Wildlife; Night Photography; Macro and Close Up; Audio/Video;
  • Miscellaneous
  • - Storing images - on computer/online/the cloud and similar;
  • - Help with presenting topics to the group;

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Gaining knowledge through Publications

  • There are a number of ways where we can learn more about photography outside of the group, by reading books, eBooks or the internet webpages.
  • Digital Publications
  • To find out more about using online resource, click on the members Digital Photography - Publications page.
  • Topics include:
  • - Online through your local library
  • - Online through Pinterest
  • - Online through Amazon Kindle
  • Physical Books and Magazines
  • I know that a lot of people prefer to hold and read a physical book rather than an electronic device, and of course there are a host of physical publications on photography available through your local library, bookshop, charity shops or online shopping.
  • You will often find books on our subject in the charity and second-hand book shops around Beccles. A couple of quid gets you books that originally retailed for £25 and of course you are also helping the charity.
  • The basics of composition and picture making doesn't age, so even books too old to have digital sections can give insight.
  • And after you have benefited, why not bring them in to share or better still base a talk around what you have learnt or not understood.

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Members are free to suggest changes to these webpages at group meetings.

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