January 2020 - Classical music in Jazz

A summary of the last meeting is summarised as follows:
Stuart gave a brief introduction to the topic 'Jazz interpretations of classical music': 'During our discussions about what constitutes 'Jazz' we have concluded that a crucial element is improvisation. It is sometimes forgotten that most of the greatest composers in classical music were also superb improvisers. Bach, Beethoven and Liszt, for example, are famous for their 'flights of fancy' during performances. It is no wonder that the history of jazz is full of 'jazzed up' versions of classical compositions! Numerous famous jazz musicians were well know for their syntheses of the two art forms.'
Then tracks brought along showed that our members had done their "homework":
Jennifer Miles Davis Concierto de Aranjuez
Lesley Jacques Loussier Trio Gnossienne No1 - Satie
Ray Bill Evans Trio Pavane - Faure
Art Tatum Humanesque
Bud Powell CPE Bach - Solfeggio
Cecilie Glen Miller Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven
Dave Bix Beiderbeke River Boat Shuffle
Kate Bix Beiderbeke Since my girl turned me down
Stuart Grappelli/Reinhart 1st Movement - JS Bach
Cecilie Clyde Valley Stompers Peter and the Wolf
Colin Larry Adler I got rhythm - Gershwin
Marjorie Neon Philarmonic Orch. Switched on Classics
Cecilie Laurie Johnson's Band By Strauss
Colin Tommy Dorsey Song of India - Rimsky Korsakoff
Tom Art Tatum The Kerry Dance