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From time to time during meetings we have presentations from both, members and special guests,
these presentations are sometimes made available after the event for us to view at our leisure.
This following links are where you can find some of them and maybe refresh your memory.

Recent Meetings and Presentations

Wednesday 15th January 2020:

  • Guest Speaker : For the meeting held on 15th January, our guest speaker for the day was Paul from the Beccles Camera Club, who showed some great photos, and brought a collection of gadgets that he used to get the shots. His entertaining and informative talk gave us ideas on how to make and use these things - often using bits of stuff found around the home.

Wednesday 5th February 2020:

  • Using White Balance : Today we had a presentation from group member John, who gave a talk on the theory and practicality of "White Balance" and how to use it to be creative. This was added to at the end with a presentation on using the camera manual to find out about using White Balance on their own camera, and how the settings have become more complex with each generation of new camera.
  • Both slide shows are available on the members "Digital Photography - Presentations" page.
  • The theme for todays' photos was the letter "S" with submissions from John and Caz.

Wednesday 19th February 2020:

  • A know your camera session : What do the knobs, menus and functions on your camera do? and why would you use them. Do you know what a histogram is and how to access it? Are time delay, burst and flash control obvious?
  • The theme for photo submissions today will continue to be the letter "S"

Online Presentations : Right Click to "Open in new tab or window"
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Photographic Composition: :
* - Colour Theory : Colour Theory
* - The Rule of Thirds : The Rule of Thirds
* - Composition Round Up : Composition Round Up
Camera Settings :
* - Photography Checklist : Photography Checklist
* - : Photography Checklist Handout
* - Using White Balance : White Balance Theory
* - : White Balance Settings
Editing Photos on a Computer :
* - Using Windows Photos App : Editing Photos in Windows
Miscellaneous :
* - Why I choose My Camera : My Lumix DMC-G7
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