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Online through your local library

  • Having membership of either the Norfolk and Suffolk libraries grants online access to a wide array of magazines which can be downloaded and read at your leisure.
  • Access to these publications is currently free from PressReader (plus a limited RbDigital content from Norfolk).
  • Magazines available include: Amateur Photographer, Digital Camera World and Practical Photography (among others).
  • Follow these links to see what is available :
  • This link explains how you register for the Suffolk service :
  • Read this PDF file for information about - Using PressReader
  • NB. If you don't have membership of your local library, it is free and application is very simple.
  • If you can't access your library online, ask a library staff member, or raise a query online, they are always very friendly.

Online through Pinterest

  • There is so much information on Pinterest it beggars belief, around the world people have published their interests in a myriad of topics and interests, including Photography.
  • If your interest is Photography and you want to find out how to set your Aperture; learn how a camera works; follow a discussion on Landscape Photography or just browse, then Pinterest is a very good source of information.

Buying Books from Amazon

  • Amazon Photography Books
  • is another good source of books available as new at full price, or you may be able to get a pre-owned copy for a fraction of the original cost.

Online through Amazon Kindle

  • Amazon-Kindle Photography Books
  • They also sell books for the hand-held electronic Amazon Kindle eReader.
  • There is also an App which can be downloaded and installed on your computer for Free.
  • A lot of the kindle books are much cheaper than the printed version, or may not be available in print.
  • Amazon-Kindle Unlimited Information
  • If you have access to a Kindle eBook reader you may already know about Kindle Unlimited.
  • This is a service from Amazon where for the price of £7.99 per month you can download, read and return as many of the available free eBooks as you like (holding a maximum of 10 at any time).

All of the online services are accessible through you PC, tablet or phone, so are always available to you anywhere in the world, especially using the kindle app.


Physical Books and Magazines

  • Of course there are a host of publications on photography available through your local library, bookshop or online.
  • You will often find books on our subject in the charity and secondhand book shops around Beccles. A couple of quid gets you books that originally retailed for £25 and of course you are also helping the charity.
  • The basics of composition and picture making doesn't age, so even books too old to have digital sections can give insight.
  • And after you have benefited, why not bring them in to share, or better still base a talk around what you have learnt or not understood.


The following are a few useful websites which may help expand your knowledge: : Right Click on a Link to
there may be requests to buy books or subscribe, you don't need to. : "Open in new tab or window"
* - A quick glossary of 50 useful terms and descriptions used in photography. : 50 Photographic Terms
* - Learn photography with Free access to a library of 250+ downloadable (PDF) files, : 250 Free Quick Guides
* - these will give you a wealth of practical, step-by-step, photographical tutorials,
* - written by photography professionals.
* - Useful resource on using your camera : Cambridge in Colour Photography
* - WikiHow :
* - There are lots more websites available.

All files are available to view, save or print.

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