Z Sept 19 - BeBop

On the 25th September we enjoyed exploring “Bebop”. Its not a genre I was familiar with, but our Group has a wide knowledge of all jazz amongst them, and we were soon much more up to speed.
We started with members input as to what Bebop is:
“Musician’s Music”
Fast complex, to showcase their talent
Smaller groups of musicians after the big band era
Use of stealing chord progressions form existing songs and writing a new melody over the chords
Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker were “leading lights” of Bebop

Then we listened to some music:
Bebop by Charlie Parker
KO-Ko by Charlie Parker’s Re-Boppers - with Dizzy Gillespoie (Tpt), Max Roach (drums), Dillon Curley Russell (bass)
Woody n’You - Coleman Hawkins with Dizzy Gillespie - the first formal recording of Bebop 1944
52nd Street Theme - Dizzy Gillespie
Guarachi Guaro - Dizzy Gillespie 1949
The Champ - Ronnie Scott - although this was very much arranged rather than a free improvised true Bebop
Stupendous - Parker and Gillespie
Dexterity - Parker and Gillespie (based on the chord progression of I’ve Got Rhythm (I-VI-V-II)
Stealing Apples - Benny Goodman Sextet
A trombone and piano piece from the Berklee Performance Centre - with Paul Wilson on Trombone and Makoto Ozone on piano
Salt Peanuts - Dizzy Gillespie - with words kindly provided by Ray - not so difficult - endless repetitions of the words “Salt Peanuts”!
OO-Bop Sh-Bam - Billy Eckstine
And to finish Groovin High by Dizzy Gillespie

Now coming up we have some exciting topics - not to be missed!
Next meeting Wed 23rd October - Norman Simister is coming along to introduce us to the Clarinet - please bring a Clarinet piece along for the second half
Then in the new year I have committed to share my experience with the bass, and David his experience with the trombone.

Just one more thing - Gil showed us a BBC DVD box set - Jazz, a film by Ken Burns - and recommends this for your Christmas list!