Basildon & Billericay


Monthly meetings are held on the 4th Friday of every month in the Canon Roche Social Centre behind the Catholic Church at 21 Laindon Road, Billericay (car parking is usually available). Meetings start at 2:30 pm and the forthcoming dates for 2018 are listed below.

Please note that the Christmas Social will be one week early on the 3rd Friday.

Dates for your Diary
Fri Feb 23rd Ian Keable - “David Devant : England's Greatest Magician, All Done With Kindness”
Fri Mar 23rd The A G M
followed by Linda Cook – The R.N.L.I.
Fri Apr 27th Peter Turrall – “History of Marconi”
Fri May 25th Janet Brewer – Egyptologist – “Gossip from Pharaoh's Village”
Fri Jun 22nd Tony Tuckwell - “The History of New Hall”
(This talk will be followed by a visit to New Hall,
details of which will be announced at the talk.)
Fri Jul 27th Roger Dorking – “Tales from the Smithy”
Fri Aug 24th Neil Sumner – Mill Meadows “Pastures Old and Pastures Renewed”
Fri Sep 28th Mick Geraghty – “Mystic Mick Comedy Psychic”
Member of the Magic Circle and Equity
Fri Oct 26th Tony Harris - “My Life as Henry VIII”
Fri Nov 23rd Kate Broad & Toni Neobard – “ Far Better and Far Worse”
A look at Marriage Though the Eyes of the Victorians.