Battle & District

Risk Assessments

The risk assessment forms are available in ".pdf" and ".docx" format. Use ".pdf" if you do not have the later versions of Microsoft Word. You will be able to print the forms and then fill in the details by hand. If you have a later version of Word you can download the ".docx" version and add your details directly to the form or modify the form to suit your situation.

PDF Format: -

Additional Covid19 Guidance.pdf
Venue Day of Use Checklist.pdf
Venue Risk Assessment.pdf
Walk Leader Risk Assessment.pdf
Outdoor Activity Risk Assessment.pdf
Sports Risk Assessment.pdf

DOCX Format: -

Additional Covid19 Guidance.docx
Venue Day of Use Checklist.docx
Venue Risk Assessment.docx
Walk Leader Risk Assessment.docx
Outdoor Activity Risk Assessment.docx
Sports Risk Assessment.docx