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Privacy Policy

At Barnsley & District U3A we take your privacy seriously. To this end we have a Privacy policy which you see here Privacy Policy

However, this is not the sole responsibility of the Executive Committee - all of us have a responsibility in maintaining each others privacy. Groups coordinators when writing to their groups should be aware that regular email can often disclose email addresses. Obviously an email sent To someone will be translated into an email address, which ,when right clicked, reveals the persons full email address. Similarly a cc (courtesy copy) does the same and perhaps some one you cc to may not appreciate their email being shared - we all have our preferences.

The same applies to anyone of us members sending emails to other members.

To avoid this Group coordinators are encouraged to use the Beacon features for sending messages to their group members - you can still personalise your emails using the Beacon features. Ask the Beacon Managers about this if you're not sure (Beacon Manager) how it is done. Beacon messages do not include email addresses.

For normal emails try sending the email to yourself and use bcc (blind courtesy copy) for the addressees. Blind Courtesy Copy works the same as any other email except each addresee cannot see anothers' email addresses and no one sees to whom else the email has been sent. The Webmaster will be pleased to help you with this.

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