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This course offers what is a professional Computing Course in Word and Excel. Normally it would be done over about 5 hours for each topic, but for BU3A it will be done at a more gentle pace over several weeks. The emphasis on each topic will depend on demand from participants. It will be provided with detailed manuals for later reference and work-files on your own laptop computer.

Most people use MS Word (word processor) and Excel (numerical processing and organizing) having taken a basic course, maybe online, and then learned further by trial and error. But basic courses do not cover the many quick ways of carrying out actions, nor exactly how some functions work, nor some of the many other useful functions available. This group will revise basics, but look at aspects of how to get more out of these packages and answer issues that users may be finding unhelpful.

A summary of each topic's likely coverage is shown on sub pages for Word

It will be coordinated by David Andrews who may be reached on 01709 368976 should you require more information. If you are interested, please contact the coordinator to confirm that and to indicate what you would wish to get from attending this group.

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