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Welcome to "The Buzz". This is our quarterly newsletter of Barnsley & District U3A. It is published in physical form to hand out at the March, June, September and December Monthly Meetings, and also provided here for all to read.

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You can pick up your copy of The Buzz from AgeUK Barnsley, in Eldon Street, and also at the Drop-In in Penistone. (You may be asked for identification to ensure that you are a current member of the Barnsley & District U3A).

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I regret that the Summer Buzz did not carry an advert for our Choir’s main event of the year. Hence, this email to all BU3A FB members. Please tell friends & family.
TUESDAY 30th JULY at 2pm.
Tickets sold very well at the June Monthly Meeting and will be available again at the July Monthly meeting next week when the brilliant Old Blowers will be performing for us.
The Old Blowers will also be performing at
St Edward’s Church,
Racecommon Road,
Barnsley, S70 6AP
this Saturday 29th June at 7pm
for their 6th Annual Amnesty International Concert. Also on the bill, BU3A’s Flutes Galore and guest singer, Olivia Clarke.
£5 on the door.
Derek Bacon
Buzz editor


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