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We have our own Facebook group in Barnsley U3A. It is a closed group so only members can contribute, and no-one outside the group can see their posts (so even your grandchildren do not know what you are saying!)

If you have just joined Facebook, search the Facebook site for Barnsley U3A and then click the button that says Ask to Join.

We talk about all sorts of things, some quite serious, but there are plenty of jokes too. We ask you not to post party political stuff, or something that denigrates someone else's religion. Just about everything else is fine.

It's a big group (currently 362 members), so it's a good way to keep abreast of what's going on in our organisation.

Please be aware that you can only join if you are (a) a current paid up member of the Barnsley & District U3A, and that you (b) agree to the terms and conditions of the Facebook Group regarding privacy and conduct.

Coordinator: Nerina Tatchell

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