Barnsley & District


Would you like to do a bit more to help keep the wheels of the Barnsley & District U3A turning?

Listed here you will find openings and opportunities to join our wonderful team of Group Coordinators, the Sub Committees that get formed from time to time to deal with and focus on very specific tasks, and of course Executive Committee positions, whenever they arise, so please check this page regularly if you would love to get more involved!

*** Please note that you must be a current member of the Barnsley & District U3A to be eligible for the positions listed below ***

Filling our vacancies relies on your skills. All of us have had working lives where we gained skills. If you have any skills you'd like to use, develop or even learn you can always let us know and we will find something, somewhere for you to do. Contact the Webmaster if you've any talent you'd like to share or offer.

Two important roles become vacant this summer Development Lead and Vice Chair person. These are executive trustee roles which are elected at the AGM in June. On the Documents page you can find a roles and responsibilities document which describes these two roles - so I'll not repeat that here. There is also an application form which you need to get to the business secretary (Jacqui MacKinnon) by 16th May. Signed and Nominated by two other members.

Note that these lead roles are assisted by others and even if you're not able to take one of them, helpers are always welcome also.

We need a Liaison with Staff at the Priory Campus to handle the Audio/Visual equipment for the Monday Monthly Meetings. This involves some knowledge of the equipment, adaptability, thinking on your feet, patience and tact too!

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