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Would you like to do a bit more to help keep the wheels of the Barnsley & District U3A turning?

Listed here you will find openings and opportunities to join our wonderful team of Group Coordinators, the Sub Committees that get formed from time to time to deal with and focus on very specific tasks, and of course Executive Committee positions, whenever they arise, so please check this page regularly if you would love to get more involved!

*** Please note: you must be a current member of the Barnsley & District U3A to be eligible for the position listed below ***



In June 2022 we will be losing a number of our Executive Committee members who will be standing down, having served the maximum periods of tenure allowed by our Constitution.

This, then, is a general call for all our members to think about. We need two or three of you to step forward and consider joining the Executive Committee, to have a voice and to contribute to the running and management of our large and vibrant u3a. We are looking for suitably motivated members who feel that they have something more to offer. Please see Committee membership appeal 2022 for further details.

In preparation for this we are currently reviewing the structure of the committee and looking at which roles could possibly be performed in support of, as against actually as part of, the committee. For example, it is the case that at the present time a number of important corporate roles are performed with executive member overview but actually carried out by non-committee members. Examples of such roles are the Blue-Box Collection and Banking and the management
and running of our New Member Link meetings. Whilst other examples may follow, the simple fact is that we still need a full committee in order to share out the roles involved in managing an organization, which currently has around 1200 members.

At the moment our committee meetings are taking place monthly on Zoom and if anyone wishes to know what happens in a typical committee meeting then we can invite you to sit in and see for yourself.

Please make yourselves known to Derek or Alan and we can explain some of the options available.


Filling our vacancies relies on your skills. All of us have had working lives where we gained skills. If you have any skills you'd like to use, develop or even learn you can always let us know and we will find something, somewhere for you to do. Contact the Webmaster or any committee member if you've any talent you'd like to share or offer.

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