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At Barnsley & District U3A, everyone, without exception, is first and foremost a normal everyday member, with needs and wishes that are just the same as any other of our 1100+ members. But in addition to being everyday members, these individuals have also stepped up and volunteered extra time and energy. They take on the duties that make up the vital infrastructure, hidden behind the scenes, that keep things running smooth(ish)ly.

All this is well worth remembering if you have a problem or difficulty because these individuals aren't part of a faceless uncaring organisation, they are your fellow members doing their absolute utmost to oil (the vibrant but very occasionally creaky) wheels of our Barnsley and District U3A.

We will always welcome enthusiastic support in our efforts to keep things running well, and if you are happy to shadow one of the committee and lend a hand when needed, or even to take on a role yourself to help us in its running, you will be welcomed with open arms!

(We have added a Vacancies page to help you find ways of joining in the fun!)

Putting Faces to the Names

Chairman Alan Swann -- Chairman Alan Swann Vice Chairman Derek Bacon Derek Bacon
Treasurer Hilary Newton Hilary Newton Minutes Secretary[Picture Soon] Hilary Thornton
Development Officer [Picture Soon]Lynn Maloney Room Bookings Mike Nevins -- Room Bookings Mike Nevins
Membership SecretaryJohn MacKinnon John MacKinnon New Members, Travel, Penistone Helen Dew -- New Members Secretary Helen Dew
Business Secretary & BeaconJacqui MacKinnon . Jacqui MacKinnon
Social Committee [Picture Soon]Margaret Saxton Choir RepresentativeSue Rowley -- Choir Representative Sue Rowley
Buzz Editor Derek Bacon Derek Bacon Publicity [Picture soon]Jo Kasparek
Website Robin Northcut Robin Northcut Equalities Officer Max Senior  Equalities Officer Max Senior
Risk Assessment Trudy Atkinson Trudy Atkinson_ -

By clicking here you can see the Roles and Responsibilities involved in the above.

Privacy Policy

At Barnsley & District U3A we take your privacy seriously. To this end we have a Privacy policy which you see here Privacy Policy.

However, this is not the sole responsibility of the Executive Committee - all of us have a responsibility in maintaining each others privacy. Groups coordinators when writing to their groups should be aware that regular email can often disclose email addresses. Obviously an email sent To someone will be translated into an email address, which ,when right clicked, reveals the persons full email address. Similarly a cc (courtesy copy) does the same and perhaps some one you cc to may not appreciate their email being shared - we all have our preferences.

The same applies to anyone of us members sending emails to other members.

To avoid this Group coordinators are encouraged to use the Beacon features for sending messages to their group members - you can still personalise your emails using the Beacon features. Ask the Beacon Managers about this if you're not sure ask the Beacon Manager how it is done. Beacon messages do not include email addresses.

For normal emails try sending the email to yourself and use bcc (blind courtesy copy) for the addressees. Blind Courtesy Copy works the same as any other email except each addresee cannot see anothers' email addresses and no one sees to whom else the email has been sent. The Webmaster will be pleased to help you with this.

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