Barnsley & District

Accessibility for the Disabled


A big thank you to everyone that took the time to complete the accessibility reports for the venues that we currently use!

The good news is that most of our group venues have either good or exceptional access and facilities, and nearly all of the venues provide adequate provision to enable those with accessibility requirements to happily attend groups. However, in some instances because of building age and original usage, several of the rooms that we hire are less suitable. You can now check all of the venues by clicking on the relevant links (right hand side of this page), and if you have accessibility requirements you can now be aware of any accessibility issues before attending.

If you are unlucky enough to find that you are unable to attend a group, purely because of accessibility issues, please LET US KNOW (contact the Chairman or any other committee member via our Contact page)! Accessibility is very important to us, and we will never knowingly discriminate against any of our members.

We realise that not all activities are going to be suitable for everyone, but wherever one can reasonably expect to be able to participate we will certainly do our best to ensure that you can!

New Venues:

We ask that whenever a new venue is used (even if it is a coordinators house) that you submit an accessibilty report to the website administrator (or pass it to a committee member/group coordinator for forwarding). This is so that those with accessibility requirements will be able to be aware of any issues before attending. Thank you.

The questions on the report are very straight forward (9 yes/no answers). Click -> Accessibility Survey Form