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Documents, Practices & Procedures

This is the location of Barnsley U3A Committee and Group organisational documents, practices and procedures, mostly in alphabetical order. There are various categories for different types of document. Please note that this is a new page and is still under construction.

Barnsley U3A Practices & Procedures

Associate Membership Policy
Behaviour Policy
Communication Guidelines
Constitution Oct 2020
Data Protection Policy
Equality Lead Role
Honorary Member
Privacy Policy
Protocol for Recruitment
Roles and Responsibilities
Safeguarding Policy
Sorting Out Problems & Grievances
Vulnerable Adults
Waiting List Policy 2019
Bu3a flyer 2020


Accident and incident Form
Walking Group Risk Assessment Checklist
New Membership Form

Coordinator Documents
Group Coordinators Guidelines
Group Webpage Editing Tutorial View this then click the next link
Group Webpage Editing Authorisation Request Form to be able to edit your group web page(s)
Travel Group Information Sheet

Committee Documents

Annual Report 2021

Annual Report 2020

Annual report 2019
SGM Notice for the Buzz August 2019
AGM Minutes 2018
Chairmans Annual Report 2018
Agenda 2018 AGM
Final Accounts 2017/18

Chairmans Annual Report - Summer 2017
AGM Minutes 2017
Chairmans Annual Report - Summer 2016
AGM Minutes 2016
Treasurers Report to 2016

AGM Minutes 2015
(Treasurers Report to 2015 AGM to be added)

AGM Minutes 2014
Treasurers Report to 2014 AGM

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