Barnsley & District

New Members

You can download a membership application form and fill it in, then come to a Monthly Meeting (usually the first Monday of the month, Priory Campus at 1:30pm, or a New Members Meeting, also at Priory Campus in the early evening. You can find specific dates of these meetings in the calendar at the bottom of our Events page. We look forward to seeing you.

How to Join Barnsley & District U3A

If you wish to join Barnsley & District U3A we recommend that you initially make contact with our New Members Secretary, Helen Dew, who can be contacted on 0751 2206 285, or you can send a message to Helen via the Contact page on this website.

The reason we recommend this approach is to ensure that places are available in groups that you wish to join, which is especially relevant if you are only interested in one specific group and it is your sole reason for joining. You can also check suitability if you have accessibility requirements. We also recommend this approach so that you can be invited to the new members meetings (and other meetings), and can give you a proper welcome! Finally clicking on the Join Us tab at the top of the page will enable you to download a application form and take this to a monthly meeting or send it to the membership secretary whose address is on the Join Us tag.

General Information on Membership

The membership year starts on 1st April and Annual Membership fee is £12* (for a full year - see the note below), plus for new members there is a joining fee of £5 giving an initial payment of £17.

* Please note that this amount will reduce (see link above right) if you join later in the year, and your first year's membership period will be shorter. We do this so that renewals can be synchronised for everyone at the same time of the year (April). You will be informed of the membership amount when you contact us to apply for membership.

For this you get access to all of our activities and you are entitled to receive a copy of our quarterly magazine called The Buzz. Once you have joined you can opt to receive a copy of the magazine by collecting it at our Monthly Meetings (held at Priory Campus), reading it online or having it posted to you for an additional cost of £5 (per year). You will need to advise our Membership Secretary of your choice and pay any additional fee due. You may also subscribe to Third Age Matters, which is the national magazine at a cost of £2.90 from April ‘19. which will then be posted out to you. If you join part way through the year the full year has to be paid for except for February and March when membership will run to the end of the following year.

Joining Online

It is not currently possible for new members to join online as we require that you...

• Fill in information about yourself on an application form, being particularly careful to ensure that your postcode, email address and telephone number are exactly right. These will be used in future to access our membership system and allow us to contact you.
• Tick the box for Gift Aid if you pay UK tax and wish to help by giving us additional governmental support.
• Read and understand the comments on the bottom of the form regarding the data requested and held by the Barnsley & District U3A. You can read our Data Protection Policy (and other documents for our U3A) on our Documents page.
• Pay by cheque or cash. Unfortunately you will not be able to pay or renew using PayPal any longer, but you will be able to renew by BACS in following years' after joining.

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