Barnsley & District

Membership Renewal


There are a few very simple things that you can do to help us to speed up the membership renewal process and avoid mistakes.

1. If paying by cash, please have the right money with you.

Membership only£12.00
Membership plus TAM magazine£14.40
Membership plus Buzz magazine posted to you quarterly£17.00
Membership plus TAM and Buzz postage£19.40
(If you collect The Buzz at monthly meetings or from Age UK Barnsley, there is no charge for The Buzz)

2. If paying by cheque, please write individual cheques for individual renewals.
Prices are the same as when paying by cash (above). If you put several people on the same cheque it makes processing more difficult. We have to cross reference several members to the same cheque which leads to potential mistakes. It's even more difficult if not impossible if some have Buzz posted, others have TAM, and others are membership only when they are all on the same cheque.

3. Please, wherever possible, have your membership number written on the back of the cheque.
This is such a very simple thing but it helps to speed up the renewal process enormously!

Thank you.


These details are for online renewal only. Details of other arrangements for renewing your membership will normally be published in the March edition of The Buzz.

The subscription year starts on the 6th April and ends on the 5th April the following year. Online Renewals are possible in advance of this date (from 1st March), and Membership will cease if it is not renewed within 4 weeks after 6th April.


In order to renew online and pay by PayPal or bank debit/credit card, you need to note the following.

• You can only renew your membership online and any extras such as having The Buzz posted or paying for the Third Age Matters magazine will have to be paid direct to the Membership Team or by cheque to the Membership Secretary.

• It will be assumed that your previous declaration on gift aid is unchanged. If this is not the case you must inform the Membership Secretary as soon as possible.

• Your contact details and email address must be the same as those held on our database. If they have changed then the Membership Secretary must be notified prior to renewal online.

• You will need to know your membership number. If you do not know this then contact the Membership Secretary.

• When you log into our membership system via the Membership Renewal link you will not see an option to renew online unless your membership is due to expire.

An error crept into the latest edition of The Buzz giving incorrect address details for our Membership Secretary. The correct details are:

Membership Secretary Details
John MacKinnon
48 Wakefield Road
S75 6JY

You can send a message to John via our website Contact page (B&D Membership Secretary).