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Dodworth WW1 War Memorial Project

Four members of the Family History Group, who meet at Dodworth Library, decided in March 2014 to research the 55 names on the Dodworth War Memorial.
They wanted to bring to life those men who died and were recognised on the memorial, the assumption being they were born in Dodworth and were living in the village at the outbreak of WW1.

Currently they have researched all 55 names on the memorial and have found in some cases detailed accounts of their lives whilst with others very little. Through initial research the group found three Dodworth servicemen whose names do not appear on any memorial elsewhere in the UK, this was rectified in July 2016 when the three names were added to the memorial, so the memorial now shows 58 names.

They remember each serviceman on the date of their death by placing a Remembrance Cross at the memorial at 11am, then, on the last Sunday in the month that each serviceman died they hold a community supported service at the memorial.

They currently meet regularly at the library on Thursday evenings 6.30pm - 8.30pm but please contact Robert Green first as time and date might alter.

Listed below are the soldiers we are researching :-

Chronological Order By Death Date of all Dodworth men known

Date of Death Surname Initials Rank Number Regiment

01/08/1915 Allport Thomas Coote Capt 5th Battalion York/Lancs
21/08/1915 Sanders Arthur L/Cpl 3705 Connaught Rangers
25/09/1915 Walshaw Fred Pte 17271 Kings own Scot Bord
27/09/1915 Martindale Harry Pte 21171 KOYLI
05/11/1915 Brown Henry Wilkinson Sgnlm J/7134 Royal Navy
30/11/1915 Sykes 1st of 2 Alfred Cpl 1714 York/Lancs
08/06/1916 Millard Harold Pte 1274 York/Lancs
14/06/1916 Hutchinson Arnold Pte 20136 KOYLI
17/06/1916 Townend Fred Blackburn Pte 13/1220 York/Lancs
18/06/1916 Strutt George Pte 13/1049 York/Lancs
01/07/1916 Betton Elijah L/Cpl 14/501 York/ Lancs
01/07/1916 Bower Edwin Pte 14/1482 York/Lancs
01/07/1916 Clowery Ernest Pte 13/1186 York/Lancs
01/07/1916 Collier Samuel Pte 14/409 York/Lancs
01/07/1916 Pickering Charles Cpl 14/645 York/Lancs
01/07/1916 Robinson Arthur Pte 14/194 York/Lancs
01/07/1916 Sykes John Sgt(MM 13829 KOYLI
01/07/1916 Totty William Pte 14/1335 York/Lancs
03/07/1916 Steele Joseph Oxley Sgt 2387 York/Lancs
04/07/1916 Sanderson Matthew Pte 14/103 York/Lancs
05/07/1916 Senior Herbert Hartley Pte 1622 York/Lancs
13/07/1916 Briggs Raynor Cpl 143134 York/Lancs
23/07/1916 Dudley Benjamin Pte 14/138 York/Lancs
24/07/1916 Kaye Levi Pte 1540 York/Lancs
08/08/1916 Hepworth Joe Pte 13534 Dorsetshire reg
01/09/1916 Wood Charlie Pte 19072 KOYLI
19/09/1916 Holmes James Percy L.Cpl 18419 London reg
25/09/1916 Cole Harry Pte 26811 Loyal N Lancs Reg
30/10/1916 Firth Fred Pte 311 York/Lancs
13/11/1916 Clegg John(Jack) Pte CH/19403 RNLI
13/11/1916 Hattersley Fred L/Smn KW272 RNVR
06/01/1917 Green Jesse Eyre L/Cpl 39032 Northumberland Fslrs
09/03/1917 Ramsden Walter L/Cpl 14/93 York/Lancs
23/04/1917 Dyson John William AbSeam KW/549 RNVR
03/05/1917 Winterburn William FarrarPte 38061 East Yorks
19/06/1917 Austin William L/Cpl 132934 Royal Engineers
09/10/1917 Bilton John Green Pte 22587 KOYLI
27/11/1917 Adlington Herbert Pte 241198 York.Lancs
30/12/1917 Westby Thomas Lieu(MC R Marines
02/05/1918 Fearn Arthur Pte 117249 Mch Gun C
03/07/1918 Youel Wilfred Pte TR5/18607 116TH Train res
20/07/1918 Armfield Charles Ernest Pte 205451 W.Yorks
08/09/1918 Burton Joseph Sgt 29764 Somerset L.I.
10/09/1918 Bower Tom Pte 47145 West Yorks
01/10/918 Arnold Herbert Pte 45543 York/Lancs
10/10/1918 Senior George Pte 14486 Coldstream Guards
12/10/1918 Simpson William Pte 35904 Duke of Well’n
25/101918 Smith Harry Pte 60291 York/Lancs
25/10/1918 Whittles Herman Pte 47313 Durham L. I.
29/10/1918 Hoyland Clifford Pte 53632 Yorkshire reg
29/10/1918 Kirk Sydney Pte 106754 Durham L.I.
03/11/1918 Crawshaw Solomon Pte 76481 W Yorks
27/11/1918 Crawshaw Robert Pte 9010 Scots Guards
01/12/1918 Senior Cyril Pte 24214 York/Lancs
06/12/1919 Brooks Benjamin Cpl 27581 RASC
23/02/1920 Folks Wilfred Cpl 20193 KOYLI
21/01/1923 Spruce Sam Pte 60003 York/Lancs

Total 55 + 3 who were originally not on the memorial Private John(Jack) Clegg CH/19403 RNLI died 13th November 1916, Able Seaman John William Dyson KW/549 died 23rd April 1917 and Private Herbert Bartlett Hollingworth 235270 West Yorkshire Regiment who died on 22nd September 1918, their names were added to the memorial July 2016.

If you have any information on any of these men we would very much like to hear from you.

Please contact R W Green on
December 2017

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