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In this page we will publish the latest news on Barnsley's U3A. New Groups forming, The Buzz, Travel and Membership issues.

The Buzz "The Buzz" is the quarterly newsletter of Barnsley & District U3A. It is published in readiness to hand out at the March, June, September and December Monthly Meetings.

Please note that, for technical reasons, the images within the on-line version of The Buzz sometimes have to have their quality reduced so that they can be uploaded to the website. The limitations are being examined.

To read the latest or previous copies of The Buzz, go straight to The Buzz page by clicking the new [The Buzz] menu button at the top of our website, or the Read The Buzz Online link on the right of this page.

You can also pick up your copy of The Buzz from AgeUK Barnsley, in Eldon Street, and from the Drop-In held in Penistone! (You may be asked for identification to ensure that you are a current member of the Barnsley & District U3A)


Retired or Semi-Retired?

Want to keep active – Combat loneliness – Make new friends?

Barnsley U3A with over 1070 members and more than 100 interest groups would like you to become involved here in the Penistone Area. We are looking to set up new groups and activities and we would like to hear from you. Presently we have 8 or so groups there.

You are invited to join us to hear about our plans and importantly to contribute your ideas.

For those who notice things.

Note our new logo. Despite having 'University' in our name we are not, primarily, a University. Primarily our U3A is a community of people that enjoys learning and socialising together and who, by keeping their bodies and minds active, live life in their third age to the full. Learning (the one thing we do share with Universities) is at the heart of our organisation – it is about doing things that you are interested in, not for qualifications or material rewards, but for the sheer joy of discovery and personal achievement. In our groups there is a lot of laughter and a welcome for everyone, with an understanding that everyone has something to share and something to learn.


New Groups News

There are rumours afoot about Calligraphy restarting. When the webmaster gets details - you'll know next.

More new groups

Walking Cricket
This rumour was true! New Walking Cricket is to be a fact. I know its the wrong season, but you can ask Santa for a cricket bat. So details are it'll be bi-weekly meets at Dodworth Miners Welfare on Wednesdays starting 10am on January 9th 2019 (I think this will be weather permitting but who knows). And I think I heard it was to be mixed! like the Footy! Mac McKechnie and Roy Gamble will be leading this venture and if you're interested contact Roy on 07891745633.

Basic First Aid
Carole Anne Felton is running a new 4 week course starting the 7th February, weekly. It’s every Thursday 10 to 11:30 am at The Seventh Day Adventist Church, Doncaster Rd., Barnsley S70 3HA. So give her a bell on 01226 284852 or 077808 22759 if you'd like to learn this valuable skill. Who knows, the life you save might be yours!,

We have a couple more name changes. 'How we used to live' is to become Social History and Literature. Still the same folk in charge but now running two courses - The Original How we used to Live and ever popular How our ancestors Lived. Look them up for dates and times.
Also Link Up has officially become New Members Link. Again same team in charge.


New groups are considered 'New' for three months only. They will be deleted from this section after that - unless new News arrives.


The Travel Group would like to inform everyone of the trips we are planning for next year. We are looking to create an interest list at this time (no commitment) . If you are interested in any of the trips listed below please contact a member of the Travel Group so that this can be recorded. (Helen Dew, Gill Errington, Audrey Eyre, Lynn Maloney, Chrissie White)
Here are the day trips:-

Emmerdale/Harrogate Friday 08/03/19 £35
Trent River Cruise with carvery Sunday 09/06/19 £36
Beamish Monday 16/09/19 £36

Here are the holidays ;-

Norfolk Broads and Sandringham5 days 20/05/19 £399 pp
Stratford and Warwick Castle 1 night 05/07/19 £115 pp
South Wales 5 days 04/08/19 £359 pp
The Big Band (Nottingham) 1 night 08/12/19 £110 pp

Single may be available at a supplement
Please get in touch if you are interested.

Ring Lynn Maloney 01226 284426 or call at the Travel Table at the Monthly meetings
All cheques payable to Yorkshire Rose Holidays


Barnsley & District U3A Membership Secretary
John MacKinnon
48 Wakefield Road
S75 6JY

If you have sent mail to a different address please contact John as soon as possible. Thank you.

You can contact John via our website Contact page (B&D Membership Secretary).


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