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We are naturally concerned by the prevalence of this terrible disease and of course, being the older generation, we are particularly at risk. Our business and calendar have been mostly curtailed due to the restrictions put on us for our own protection. This will leave many of us with time on our hands, trapped in our homes. But there is plenty to do. Whatever our state there are others worse off. If you know of someone, give them a call, learn how to use video conferencing - the committee members are doing just this to keep the organisation going. If all else fails, shout over the fence! But do stay in touch.
If you’re really lost then consider reading. Regular readers will never be at a loss for something to do. Your webmaster has just found open learning. This is a free resource run by the Open University. Click here Open learning there are 8 major topic areas beneath which are hundreds of courses. These may be 3 or 5 hrs to many more. Some involve radio or tv programmes some just articles to read and absorb, none involve exams. Here’s your chance to do the learn part of our motto. Best of all, it’s all free. You can stop, start, resign from a course, give up, do more, less, whatever you like.


The calendar below is primarily used to notify you of events planned for all of the Barnsley U3A membership. Along with other events, these include: Workshops being held by the district U3A, Monthly Meetings, New Member Meetings, Group Coordinator Meetings, and meetings of the Barnsley & District U3A Executive Committee.

Recent changes to the website administration, with more involvement of Group Coordinators in updating information, mean that some group events will also start to be publicised here. However, be aware that some of the events that appear in the calendar might be very specific to the group members, so even though it will normally be very clear if a group event is open to the entire membership, some may be closed events, e.g. rehearsals. If there is any ambiguity you should contact the group coordinator concerned for the group involved and ensure that it is an open event before attending. Thank you.

Group meeting dates and times can be found by going to the Groups page, and then clicking on the Groups Calendar link (on the right side of that page).

MAIN EVENTS CALENDAR (See "Dates For Your Diary" below)

Please check this page regularly! It is used for notifying you of important meetings and events such as Monthly Meetings, AGMs, New Members Meetings, Group Coordinators meetings, and special meetings such as the Penistone project.


These are free and open to all members and are usually held on the first Monday of the month at Priory Campus, Pontefract Road, Lundwood, S71 5PN, from 1.30pm until about 3.30pm. Refreshments and meals/snacks can be obtained from the cafe in Priory Campus prior to and after the meeting, where you can chat to your friends. There is also the opportunity to buy raffle tickets, browse our second hand book/DVD stall, and purchase tickets for future social events/meals out.

The meetings vary but there will normally be a speaker (or fun presentation by one of our groups), followed by updates from the Committee and Group Coordinators.

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