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Recent changes to the website administration, with more involvement of Group Coordinators in updating information, mean that some group events will also start to be publicised here. However, be aware that some of the events that appear in the calendar might be very specific to the group members, so even though it will normally be very clear if a group event is open to the entire membership, some may be closed events, e.g. rehearsals. If there is any ambiguity you should contact the group coordinator concerned for the group involved and ensure that it is an open event before attending. Thank you.

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These are free and open to all members and are usually held on the first Monday of the month at Priory Campus, Pontefract Road, Lundwood, S71 5PN, from 1.30pm until about 3.30pm. Refreshments and meals/snacks can be obtained from the cafe in Priory Campus prior to and after the meeting, where you can chat to your friends. There is also the opportunity to buy raffle tickets, browse our second hand book/DVD stall, and purchase tickets for future social events/meals out.

The meetings vary but there will normally be a speaker (or fun presentation by one of our groups), followed by updates from the Committee and Group Coordinators.


Ibis Hotel, Barnsley (off Junc 37 M1)
May 17th and 18th.

This was a great success (if one believes the group Facebook page). Our thanks go to all concerned. Particularly its organiser and Development officer Beth Rudkin. Also to the Class lecturers who's determination and efforts made the courses both informed and enjoyable. And lastly to the venue and its staff for their attentive, 'can do' attitude was appreciated.

Heard at the Spring School
'Instructive 2 days. Would love another next year, perhaps more options? Food v.good, too - excellent value. Thank you.'

'I enjoyed both the Dickens and the Greek. The arrangements for the two days were excellent, so everything went very smoothly.'

'Loved everything about the Spring School. I attended Passcendaele and found out how to trace my grandfather's records... Hope you organise another.'

'A great two days. The Ibis was a good location, friendly staff and good food. Interesting subjects, well presented. Please repeat.'

'Very good. Nice venue. Do it again'

'Will certainly attend another time, if Doncaster U3A is invited.'

...and so it went on.

Spring School 2019

So It looks like the Spring School will happen next year. It will be at the Ibis Hotel, who treated us so well last year, and will cost £30 per day. It will be Thursday and Friday, 2nd and 3rd of May. As of now, there will be nine study groups, some of which will be two day courses. And it will be open to other U3As.

Here they are:

A fascinating project involving electronic components and making things - that is Chris Green's contribution. Sounds good.

A Historical subject - led by the much acclaimed Andrew and Sue Green

DNA - not the same as last year, but inevitably covering some of the same material.

Mixed Media Art - now this is back by public demand. A brilliant experience, for even complete artistic beginners.

Pet Portraiture - bring a picture of your pet moggy or stick insect, and Paula will guide you into creating a pastel portrait of him/her.

The Shifting Planet. That's all about volcanoes and earthquakes and moving techtonic plates and things.

The World of Jane Austen, with special reference to Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility and Persuasion.

What have the Greeks/Romans ever done for us? Jeremy tells me it will be like the Life of Brian, but much more.

Writing for children, led by David, who has several children's books published.

There will be more details at the Monday Meeting, and in the Buzz. But for now, it would be good to know which study groups you will be interested in. Will you message me, or phone or text me on 07540 770762, or email me here Beth Rudkin. This does not commit you to anything.

It all sounds good, doesn't it. I was so proud of Barnsley U3A last year. (Well, it was this year, really, but it seems ages ago.)

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Dates for your Diary
August 2019
Thu Aug 1stPenistoneDrop In Session
September 2019
Thu Sep 5thPenistoneDrop In Session, Autumn Buzz available
October 2019
Thu Oct 3rdPenistoneDrop In Session
Fri Oct 4thSocial


A Ceilidh will be held on Friday the 4th October 2019 from 19:00 to 23:00

It will be held at Worsbrough Bridge Sports and Development Club, Park Road, Worsbrough, Barnsley S70 5LJ

Tickets are £15 each which can be obtained from John MacKinnon

November 2019
Thu Nov 7thPenistoneDrop In Session
December 2019
Thu Dec 5thPenistoneDrop In Session, Winter Buzz Available
January 2020
Thu Jan 2ndPenistoneNo Drop In Session this month