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Banbury U3A now uses Google Drive to store its committee files 'in the cloud' rather than just on the computers of individual committee members. During its development, a PowerPoint presentation was given both to Banbury U3A and to a study day for committees organised by the South East Region of U3A. The presentation called 'Safe in the cloud' is available to download with notes by clicking this link safeinthecloud and for the associated notes click this link notes.
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Our Constitution Originally approved in 2007 and edited in 2015 and 2016.

The Third Age Trust

U3As are independently managed charitable associations with their own constitutions. Membership of The Third Age Trust is a requirement for all local U3As in order to use the U3A name and logo. Once registered, and providing the aims and guiding principles of the organisation are adhered to, local U3As are self-governing. The Third Age Trust oversees the hundreds of local U3As in the United Kingdom. It is best described as a national support body; there when they are needed. Unlike local U3As, the Third Age Trust has offices and staff to pay but these are essential to provide the services that would be too costly for local U3As to provide individually. The Trust also has a resource centre for non-book materials. The website of the Third Age Trust is at and there is a member’s area that can be accessed by all members of U3A, especially useful for downloading information. To access this member’s area, a simple online registration form can be filled in by any member of Banbury U3A. A user name and password needs to be created.

In November 2015, the chairmen submitted an article for consideration for Third Age Matters. It was rejected as being of a "relatively minor issue". So that members of U3As can judge for themselves, it is available to download here as Can We Be Flexible?

The Thames Valley Network of local U3As

There is also a regional body of the 40 U3As within the Thames Valley Region as well as a larger South East regional body. We pay a nominal fee to the TVN to support its activities including its excellent study days. Geographically, Banbury is at the northern edge of the network area which means travel to their events that take place in centres such as Oxford, Benson and High Wycombe. The TVN also has shared learning projects and other events. Their website is at

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