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What is happening in Bakewell Area U3A in July & August

Meg Laird talk Wednesday, 31st. July 2.15 pm at Medway Centre
"Passports, Assassins, Traitors and Spies" Three tales with origin of the passport as its theme. Presenter Martin Lloyd.
Preceded by a free finger buffet at 12.45 pm.

Friends Remembered Picnic 2019

All Bakewell U3A members and friends are invited to the Friends Remembered Picnic which will take place on Monday, 12th August. This year we are later to avoid the YNOT festival traffic

Details are as follows:
The picnic site is the disused quarry, 3/4 of a mile to the south east of Minninglow car park on the High Peak Trail.

The grid reference for the car park is SK195582. It can be easily reached by turning south off the A515 at Pikehall and following the Parwich road. Pass under the trail through a narrow tunnel and turn immediately left into the car park.

There will be two walks on the day. Both will repeat what we did last year, as they are both super walks.

The shorter walk, led by Jill Ormerod, will leave the car park at 11.00am and amble slowly, with lots of time to admire wild flowers and views, along to the picnic site. Those who need a burst of energetic exercise before lunch can take the field track up to examine the fascinating stone tombs on Minninglow itself. The rest may stroll slightly further along the trail or just sit and admire the far reaching views.

This walk has been designed to include as many people as possible. We would just love to see you.

The longer walk, led by Jane Burgess, will start from the same car park at 10.00am. It will track west along the trail before turning south towards Lowmoor and Hilltop farms, east through Hoe Grange quarry, north to Royston Grange, up to Minninglow and down to the quarry for lunch. The walk is six miles in total, including the walk back to the car park after lunch. There are a good number of stiles on the first section so if you are not comfortable with wall stiles in all their various forms, you might prefer the shorter walk. There may be cows but we can manage those now, can't we!.

Whichever walk you are planning to do, please note the following:

there are two picnic benches at the quarry but no tables. The benches are sited to allow lovely views but not to be sociable with the rest of the picnickers. There are however, two rows of rock ledges which will make lovely seats, with a bummat, for those who do not wish to sit on the ground
the walks are designed to have the picnic en route, so unless you fancy hoofing it back to the car park for your picnic (3/4 mile), please bring whatever treats and luxuries you are planning to eat with you on your walk.
if you have a friend or relative who is not a member, but who might enjoy the occasion, please bring them along. They might be persuaded to carry your picnic or even join our U3A.

Please try and come and we will tell tales of those no longer with us and all the things that we are thankful for. Not least of these is the friendship of our fellow members

Please let Jill ( or Jane ( know if you are coming on the walks, otherwise just turn up

Reservations for BU3A holiday April 2020

HF Holidays Derwent Bank, Keswick Monday 20 April– Friday 24 April.
Each day, we will be offered 3 levels of walks and a discovery option in which guests will be taken by bus, accompanied by a guide, to places of interest with opportunity for optional short strolls.
The discovery option is only available if 12 or more people book and at July 1st. discovery bookings are well below this number so further discovery bookings will be of benefit to those members who have already reserved places as discoverers.
A link to further information is provided on the "Newsletter" page of the BU3A website at

Would you like to take part in a survey of 60 years and over people who are experiencing difficulties with memory? If so, then researchers at the Division of Psychiatry at University College London would like to hear from you. The study has received ethical approval from UCL Research Ethics and is an on line survey that should take no longer than 30 -40 minutes to complete.
If you are interested please go to:

Action Fraud (NFIB)

Drivers Targeted With Fake Fines
What you need to know

Action Fraud have received an increase in reports and intelligence where elderly victims are being targeted by individuals purporting to be police officers or traffic wardens. The victims are being approached whilst parked in a car park and are told by the suspect that they have parked illegally or broken a speed limit and a photo has been taken of their car for ‘evidence’.

Victims are advised that they will face a substantial penalty fine unless they pay a smaller upfront fee immediately. Victims, who opt for paying the smaller penalty, will be directed to a parking meter and asked to enter their card and PIN. These parking meters have been tampered with by the suspect in order to retain the card.

Once the victim inserts their card and are asked for their PIN, the victims are shoulder surfed for their PIN by the suspect. Once victims input their PIN, the card is retained by the machine and victims are told by the suspect to seek help from the company who operates the parking meter or their bank.

What you need to do
If you are suspicious about the authenticity of the fine, do not pay it until you have verified it with your local council.
Always shield your PIN from view when using an ATM machine, andnever share your PIN with anyone.
If your bank card is retained by an ATM machine, contact your bankimmediately to inform them.

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Action Fraud (Action Fraud, Administrator, National)