Meetings 2017

Bailgate Speaker Programme 2017-18
18th April. AGM. Open Afternoon + Happy Birthday Free Entry this month
An opportunity for Interest Groups to showcase their work and activities. Also we celebrate our 5th Birthday!
16th May. "The Woman Who Didn't Exist" Clive and Kath Richardson
Our speakers today are retired teachers and the authors of a book that gave a very special insight into the Great War. They tell of 14 years of extensive research and the discovery of the havoc, repercussions and consequences that war can have upon a family - especially this particular family!
20th June. Lincoln Street Pastors Tom Wiley
A Street Pastor is a trained volunteer from a local church who goes out into a city centre at night to care for and support vulnerable people often putting themselves at risk. There are some eleven thousand in the country with a good number working in the County. Today Tom will tell us what a typical night on the streets of Lincoln is like!
18th July. History of Writing Vic Hughes
Vic is a favourite speaker at Bailgate. He has convinced us that Lincoln is "the centre of the universe" with previous talks and walks now he turns his attention to the concept of representing language with writing. We know it will be good fuelled by Vic's enthusiasm and knowledge. There are also a number of artefacts to look at today.
15th Aug. The Real Queen Victoria Jean Townsend
This is the talk that so many looked forward to last year when sadly Jean was poorly and could not attend. Victoria remains a well known and popular monarch - but what was she really like? Jean's talk is the result of a personal study. Always amusing and lively and sometimes controversial - I say it again do not miss it!
19th Sept. Around the World in 80 Pictures Steve Lovell
Steve brought our County to life last year with his wonderful photography and knowledge as part of his presentation on Lincolnshire's Wildlife. This time we travel further afield - in fact around the world! Stunning scenery, anecdotes and natural history are used to highlight various worldwide locations. Enjoy the best in Armchair Travel on our own big screen.
17th Oct. Lincolnshire Medicinal Herbs - Past and Present Hannah Sylvester - The District Herbalist
Hannah is registered as a Medical Herbalist and therefore part of the oldest form of medicine in the world. She is also a lecturer, often featuring on local radio and in the press. Using plants to alleviate conditions Hannah runs workshops, events, walks and talks. Today she tells us about the plants in our own locality that have and maybe still do assist in the field of herbal medicine.
21st Nov. Heckington WindMill Jim Bailey
Heckington Mill is said to be the only eight sailed working Mill in the world! Dating from 1830 - it is well worth a visit. Jim is manager there and will tell us of the history and the present day use of the Mill. He will also bring some of the products made on the premises so extra cash for purchasing flour/bread may be useful today.
19th Dec. Christmas Social
16th Jan. Be a Better Road User - IAM Road Smart Ashley Behan / Roger Hicks
IAM RoadSmart is a National volunteer group with a mission to make us better drivers, riders and road users. There are over 200 local groups. This is a session designed to make us - as potentially a more vulnerable age group more aware of such issues, improve our road safety skills and thereby lower the risk of accidents.
20th Feb. Katherine Swynford Christine Chapman
Chrissy makes a return visit to tell us about one of the most well known medieval mistresses. Locally Katherine Swynford has a high profile - mistress to John of Gaunt and with 4 illegitimate children she eventually married her Plantagenet Prince. With so many connections to Lincoln - her Cathedral marriage, tomb and house it is appropriate we learn as much as we can about this intriguing woman.
20th March. Tolethorpe Hall Michael Harrison
Many of us have enjoyed a performance of Shakespeare at Tolethorpe Hall. For some, summer is not summer without such a pilgrimage combined with a soggy picnic! Michael, a volunteer at the Hall will tell us about this historic Elizabethan Manor House near Stamford and how it became the location of Rutland Open Air Theatre - home of The Stamford Shakespeare Company.