Meetings 2016

17th May.

Alison is a local weaver and instructor of this well established and now popular craft. Today she will tell us about the world of willow with particular reference to Lincolnshire and hopefully bring along examples of her craftwork as well as talk about the associated history and culture. We may be able to explore the possibility of a follow up workshop for those who want to try weaving themselves!

21st June. Jean Townsend. The Real Queen Victoria

This is a return visit for Jean who last time told us about "Epitaphs in History" both amusing and sad. Today the topic is Queen Victoria - a monarch who we all know something about due to that period in history and her long reign. As a historian Jean has made a detailed study of this very well known Queen and presents her findings in an amusing and lively way. Always accurate and sometimes controversial - do not miss it!

19th July. Richard Dale. Lincoln Speakers' Corner

16th Aug. Steve Lovell. Lincolnshire's Wildlife

Steve is a lover of natural history and travel and a key member of the local RSPB. His knowledge of wildlife in the area is well known and he organises and presents many lectures and guided walks. Several of you are aware of his work with the study of the peregrine falcons and the cathedral. The county is rich in wildlife and this is an opportunity to learn more about it with some wonderful photography.

20th Sept. Janette Merillion. Gardening through the Ages

A local gardener/designer/historian Janette makes a second visit to us today this time to tell us about the development of our favourite pastime through history. We know it will be entertaining. Like last time she will be organising a plant sale so remember your money and a carrier bag and make use of the Autumn planting season

18th Oct. Esmond Gadd. Bee Keeping and Honey Production

Eddy is from South Lincolnshire, a member of Lincolnshire Beekeepers' Association and runs The Big Tree Honey Farm close to Surfleet. Today we hear about the facts, mysteries and myths involved in the keeping of bees and of the subsequent production of honey. Threatened by our environment at times "the world of bees" is something we should know more about to see what we can do to help!

15th Nov. Alan Dixon. Chocolate

If you are a chocolate lover like Alan this is an afternoon made for you! Based in Market Rasen Alan has a business - Special Edition Chocolate that involves the preparing and selling of his favourite food. His visit today will tell us how it is made and marketed and of the very specialist chocolates that his company produces. There will be chocolate for sale so remember to bring some cash along. I cannot promise a tasting but surely one has to "try before you buy?"

20th Dec. Christmas Social.

17th Jan. Horace Liberty. Sir John Betjeman

Horace ended his London Statues presentation last year with Betjeman in St Pancras Station - this is where we begin today! Horace is editor of the "Betjemanian" with the Sir John Betjeman Society so extremely well qualified to tell us about this great writer. Poet Laureate from 1972 - 84 we all know something of his work not to mention the voice and therefore look forward to hearing more

21st Feb. Julie Wetton. Medical Detection Dogs

The use of assistance dogs to support certain medical conditions in humans is not only well known but under constant development. The training of such an animal requires time, patience and skill and today we will hear how such a feat is accomplished and about the people dedicated to such a cause

21st March. Chrissy Chapman. Unsung Lincolnshire Women

It is always important to remember that "behind every good man is an even better woman!" Our speaker today will attempt to illustrate this statement as we rake through certain characters and events within the county of Lincolnshire to see what local women in history managed to accomplish!