Member Information

Joining a Group

To help you decide it is suggested that you first contact our Activity/Interest Groups Co-ordinator who may be able to give you more details of a group’s activities. It is also suggested that you then come along to the General Meeting that takes place on the third Tuesday of each month. Here you will be able meet other members of the Group and/or the Group Leader and obtain more information.

Anyone having an idea for a new group should contact Rosemary Palmer so that arrangement can be made for a list to be available on the day. The more Groups the better so that all interests can be catered for - the whole point of U3A, so that we can have fun, share knowledge and make new friends.

Running the Groups and leisure activities

Group Convenors are members who give their time voluntarily. Most groups meet during the day and take place at mutually convenient venues. Day trips and social functions may also be arranged and members have the opportunity to put their names forward for these at the monthly General Meetings.

Available groups and activities

These depend on the interests of members. Almost anything is possible with sufficient enthusiasm.

How to become a Group Convenor

A description of a proposed interest group needs to be discussed with the Groups Co-ordinator or someone on the committee, who will almost certainly match your enthusiasm! Confirmation of interest within Bailgate U3A will be sought and if it is sufficient then a suitable date/time for an initial meeting of the group will be arranged.

If you feel that you can contribute in this way, please discuss it with us. You may be able to tackle something which you have not previously tried, and no one ever knows what they can do till they try. You may have some experience or a special subject or interest which you could share, there are certainly people waiting, eager to learn. There is also a lot of help available to you not only within Bailgate U3A but also by way of resources from the U3A central office.