Baddow & Galleywood

4 - 2019 - April - Heirlooms

Our April meeting
We had an excellent meeting – wonderful heirlooms and great stories! Di brought her mother’s [very large] ‘key to the door ‘given to her on her 21st birthday and also her grandfather’s college certificate.

Pauline had the county Book of Worthies of Northamptonshire with several ancestors in it. The book, sadly had loose pages, but Pauline told me later that she has managed to find a paperback version that has a worn cover, but with good pages. She also had the inspection report for the school where John Denny was the head teacher – it made interesting listening!!

Ann had brought some mysterious objects which turned out to be decorations for Clydesdale horses when they are dressed for shows. Her husband’s ancestors were carters from 1750s [and since WW1 have had lorries]. They were originally Huguenots and the name in French meant ‘harness maker’. She had discovered from local newspapers that owners of horses were frequently charged with ‘leaving a horse and cart unattended’ - the owner was to be found drinking in the pub, whilst the horse and cart were left outside.

Judy had a shell case which she remembered being by the fire to keep the poker in! Clive kept us gripped with a wonderful story of the two Mrs Rutherfords. The first one was deserted [but never divorced] and she discovered that her husband had died in an accident. She worked in the legal profession, and ended up going to the funeral, when the coffin was left in view after the ‘family’ left – she was given the opportunity to press the button to send the coffin out of site and wished that he would burn in hell. The following day she arrived before the ‘family’ were to assemble to hear the will, taking with her documents that proved she was still his wife; and she claimed the whole estate!

Lesley had her grandmother’s beautifully engraved ‘keeper’s ring’ – given when Tom told her he wanted to marry her. Trish also had some lovely jewellery and photos of it being worn.
Jan brought a certificate from the ‘Royal Order of Bluenose’ awarded at a ceremony for crossing the 75 degree latitude in HMS Keppel.

We also talked about DNA testing and found that some of our group had had amazing luck whereas some of us had had no real matches. As long as others who share DNA have got a tree on Ancestry you can find a match. However, hopefully, as new information is being added all the time, those of us who haven’t found matches may in the future!!

Although Jan’s tree is private she had found a public tree that had many of the same people as her own.