Baddow & Galleywood

8 JULY 2019 - Next Meeting Agenda


Welcome all Members & Guests. Tea, Coffee & biscuits served during interval (donations appreciated).
1. Previous January Meeting Reminders
Thanks to Denis for presenting his brilliant “French Tile Kiln experience”.

2. This Months Topics :

2.1 July Horticultural topic competition, Judged by Peter Durr
2.2 Hyde Hall photo-shoot Images & Horticulture Images

3. 2019 Programme
Next Photo-Shoot :

3.1 25 July – Colchester

3.2 22 August – East Anglian Life Museum

3.3 26 September Hainnault Country Park

Steering Group:
3.3 Next proposed meeting TBC – Programme review.
Steering group: John Cummin, Peter Durr, Christine Newbery &
Richard Earey.

3.4 July Photo Competition
July Competition topic is in two parts: 1st. Any garden wide image & a 2nd image taken separately (not an enlargement from the 1st image) featuring a detail within/from the 1st.view.,this could include flowers & ornaments etc.. Please submitting these two images including the usual description information, as specified in note 3 . Closing date is 28 June, & your Judge on this occasion will be Peter Durr.

3.5 15 August Editing tuition
We have received 10 members response for our summer editing tuition for 2-1/2hrs on morning of the 15 August . Topics are Layers including background changes , & how to achieve the best results from basic editing including sharpening & grain reduction, Horizontal Straightening & Cloning

Time permitting, we could include an appreciation review of Photo Affinity software but please let us know if you would like us to include other issues.

4. News Letter-
Summer NL submitted . Next addition, we encourage members to submit short 150-250 word articles from our current photo-shoot or meeting.

Subjects examples: BarleyLands , Steve Hedges – Composition , Walton , Hyde Hall, Colchester, plus any personal photo stories.
Denis’s French Tile Kiln experience

5. Information
5.1 Any member wishing to share their experiences with images that would be of interest to members . We’d like to hear from you if you’re willing to put together a short photo presentation.

Please let me have your suggestions & comments that you feel would be helpful to you & other members.

5.2 Mission statement for members images
“Why” this image
‘What” message are you conveying to viewer”
“What” are the best aspects
“How” would you improve.

5.3 Technical Fact Sheets – Available on request

5.4 Monthly Camera Bag News.
Timeless Photo tips ( Some views from Practical Photography):
1. Master camera settings, the basics – Take control
2. Scouting location – sometimes keeping it local produces the better shots.
3. Watching the weather – Looking for certain conditions to take photograph
4. Shooting in mono - Black & white.
5. Develop Ideas- Think creativity
6. Planning a shoot – A little research goes a long way
7. Training your eye – Shoot something pleasing & enjoyable to you will build your confidence.
8. Making art – Imagine your painting a picture & consider an abstract effect.
9. Finding ideas – You can be inspired by what you see ; Publications, magazines, journals, books, supplements & existing photo albums.
10. Taking a step back – Revisit your old images.
11. Taking criticism & advice – Shoot for yourself & others, but accepting advice is part of our learning journey, & stay curious will improve your skills.
12. Be patient - Waiting for that magic moment .
13. Choosing angles - Always looking for that new perspective.

5.5 Other Issues.
Investigate Portraiture workshop & how to use of studio equipment with Steve Hedges in January 2020..

Determine topic/category for January completion

Enjoy your 2019 Photography