Baddow & Galleywood

November 2015 Speaker

Alan Day has been an entertainer and magician for 30 years and is a member of three International Boards of Magicians, including one in Malta.

He got his audience off to a good start by throwing out jokes such as - a policeman asked him where he had been between 3 and 5. His reply was “Nursery School”. Members who thought they could just sit and listen to jokes and watch a magic show were in for a surprise as Alan moved around the audience seeking audience participation. Some members had to cut cards, some had to say who their favourite person was - one said George Clooney, only for Alan to pull a drawing out of the hat with George Clooney depicted.

Some members of the audience thought they were safely tucked away at the back, but had to come forward to help with the magic - to chain Alan up, to test ropes and to guess the cost of his suit (and of his fee for the session) as well as his date of birth. The chairman was asked to add these figures up and Alan then undid his shirt and the total figure was revealed. This was followed by an attempt to put a large needle through a balloon which of course kept getting members thinking there was soon to be a large bang as the balloon burst.

There were performing fleas, a bandana that was in reality a banana and the naming of a pet. There was also a mysterious rising table.

After all this Alan asked members of the audience if there were any questions including details about how he got the rising table and whether his wife ever went to his performances.

The audience clearly liked Alan’s brand of humour and magic, and gave him a hearty round of applause at the end.