Baddow & Galleywood

2 - 2019 February - successes!

Our theme was successes and problems.

Pat O had brought 'Chelmsford at War' with her as she has family mentioned in it. If you are from Chelmsford you may be able to help Andy Begent as he is revising his fascinating book - do have a look - I have contacted him to see if he could give us a talk next year. Pat also mentioned Peter's father who is commemorated on Andy's website - read his story here -

Pat H had requested help in finding a family tree layout on a long strip. There are plenty of examples on Amazon, but none as a strip; however as trees rapidly get wider it might be impossible to find that layout. Suggestions that might help were that it might be possible to do it as Who Do You Think You Are does it - keeping it to direct ancestors, avoiding 'extras', or to perhaps get it printed on an A3 printer by taking a memory stick to a printing company like the one behind Essex Carpets in the village.

Lesley had sent a success story about a wealthy farmer [her husband's ancestor] who lived at Bridge Foot Farm, Kelvedon which is still there. She mentioned but it looks as if you have to pay. There are newspapers you can access for free at home if you have a library card and the ones below are available -

Searchable facsimile editions of these major titles.

Guardian and Observer Archive [1791 to 2003] available at home

Full contents of The Times from 1785 to 2012 available at home

19th Century British Library Newspapers available at home

Linda had Daisy Olive's story - in 1939 her mother was living with Jack in West Ham and her husband was in a mental hospital in Ilford. Her husband died and she immediately married Jack. Daughter Daisy married William Stevens, then when her mother died, married Jack, her mother's widower [was this legal?]. She had a son, also Jack, who was registered twice [recorded on the same page - once with her husband's surname and once with Jack's]. The birth certificates have been requested!!

Martin had the death certificate from the GRO in 2018, of his John Smith who had drowned off Mexico. There were several strange things on the certificate that we were doubtful about and when we saw the certificate which was not a copy of the original but one that had been written out, we decided that mistakes had been made and advised Martin to phone the GRO and ask them to look at the original for him [he will let us know!]. Jan suggested that the death may have been reported in newspapers.

Clive recommended Dick Eastman's blog - and told us about the 'fairy tales' in family trees with a warning to only add people when you have checked sources and records. His success was to find about a name change that had caused confusion and his problem was a family member who was adding many people to the tree without checking.

Pat wondered about names being changed at adult baptism and we decided that the new name had probably been chosen rather than given at Baptism; however I have just found the bit in a box that I cannot get rid of, so you will find it at the bottom of this email! My mother-in-law gave people new names - she was Lucy but known as Toni [after the advertisement 'Which twin has the Toni?' She named her son-in-law Bill although he was Peter [I only found this out when he died!] - Bill went better with his surname of Buckett [my sister-in-law would have preferred 'Bouquet']!

Di and Marjorie found out that they both had men on the SS Macedonia. The next time we have 'successes' Di will bring the Marconi records.

Jan wondered about divorce records and newspapers were recommended and we forgot all about DNA!