Baddow & Galleywood

2019 family history group programme

Friday 11th January: Lesley - 'From Prussia with Love: The Orphan Homes, Ashley Down, Bristol

Friday 8th February: Successes and Problems

Friday 8th March: Isobel - 'The Grocers Wives - the stories behind the title'

Friday 12th April: 'Heirlooms and their stories'

Friday 10th May: Proposed visit to Valence House

Friday 14th June: Successes and Problems

Friday 12th July: Tony Allen - 'Tony's Tale and Tattle'

Friday 9th August: No meeting - summer break

Friday 13th September: Linda - 'The Gooch family at Hylands'

Friday 11th October: Successes and Problems

Friday 8th November: Kate J. Cole - 'Al Capone's gangster car and the Kursaal in 1930s Southend'

Friday 13th December: Planning, Christmas celebration and Swap shop. Theme - Christmas stories