Baddow & Galleywood

November 2018 Speaker

The November meeting in the United Reformed Church in Great Baddow was well attended again, and we were pleased to welcome Janet Brewer who enrolled on a four-year Egyptology course a few years ago, and since then has done talks to various organisations on her knowledge of the Ancient Egyptian Language and is Secretary of the Essex Egyptology Group in Witham.

Her power point presentation explained many of the hieroglyphics and also showed us that the Egyptian language is very complicated as depending on the positions of the Cartouches, and the language can be read from left to right or the opposite direction or even up or down the page.

Research shows that Rock Art dates back to 3750 BC and the writing actually started in 3720 BC. Janet also mentioned the Temple at Luxor, the Pyramids and the Valley of the Kings which bought back memories for many of our members who had spent holidays in Egypt over past years.

About 100 U3A members attended this talk and all were mesmerised by her presentation.