Baddow & Galleywood

009 Sept. 2018 Successes and Problems

The successes and problems session was so good that three of our members who haven’t done much recently plan to get back to their research – such enthusiasm!

Linda brought photos sent recently by descendants of the Pryor family showing rooms in Hylands House being used by members of the family in about 1870. It was lovely to see their dining room [what we call the banqueting room] with chairs pulled out as though the family had just left the table, and the Pryor daughters sitting reading in their library and drawing room. [Some of these photos will be displayed at our next exhibition about the families who lived in the House from 1730 to 1962.]

Jan was not sure whether she had a success or a problem. She was looking for her John Thorogood [son of James] on [a site about criminals!] and she thought she had found him – she spent lots of time on the site and downloaded lots of pages showing his criminal career, starting with larceny aged twelve and ending with being hung for murder at Springfield Gaol in Chelmsford in 1866. Then on the very last page the name of his father was given – Samuel!! We encouraged her to look into his siblings in case the father’s name was incorrect. [I found one record for my ‘habitual criminal’.]

Although Eileen had colonial records found in the British Library she could not find them online. Since the name was Wyseman Whitby Boomgardt we were surprised, but it may just be that the records that Eileen found some years ago have not been put online yet. We thought that she ought to try searching on less instead of all the details she had. [I have just tried with ‘Wyseman’ and the burial record appeared and there are `8 Boomgardt records.]

Ann had had success when phoning about renewing a subscription to a site – it is always worth a try!

Jan was someone else who had followed the wrong line. She had also saved money on a Find My Past subscription using a link from Peter Calver’s newsletter - [note that she used a different email address to get this offer as she had had a subscription with her usual email address – so perhaps worth getting a hotmail or googlemail address.] She had also been to one of the Heritage Open days at Staplegrove [the Chelmsford Club in New London Road] The building’s history is incomplete, but some time ago Linda had found a newspaper report of Sir Daniel Gooch visiting his daughter’s mother-in-law there.

Lesley had found members of her family who emigrated to New York using free records on Family Search She also recommended pension records for WW1 soldiers – see Ancestry’s card catalogue – search on ‘pensions’. For Royal Navy records try FMP – all record sets.

Brenda had marriage and death certificates for Eileen Harris, but not the birth certificate. I am pleased to let you k now that Lesley did some ‘digging’ and hopefully Brenda will be able to get the certificate. [Thank you, Lesley]

Audrey has had problems with William Pates as records she has found do not agree [dates and place of birth]. I have let her know that there is a tree for him on Ancestry to check.

Vicky had some information about the Cospatrick

Tricia asked about WW2 records- you can get WW2 military records if you can show that the person is closely related and not still alive. Please note that you have to pay and if there is nothing there that is it!

Things to remember
o New records are being added all the time, so it is worth revisiting sites
o Better to search on ‘less’ – you can always add more if you get too much
o Try phoning subscription sites when it is close to renewal to see if you can get a special offer
o Sites often have free access on Bank Holidays.