Baddow & Galleywood

AGM 2018

Papers relating to the 2018 AGM

1.Notice of AGM 2018 and Agenda
2.Treasurers report and Accounts
3.Treasurers No 2 account
4.Minutes of the last AGM in February 2017




12th SEPTEMBER 2018

The Annual General Meeting of the Baddow & Galleywood U3A will take place on Wednesday 12th September 2018 at the United Reformed Church Hall, High Street, Great Baddow CM2 7HW, at 2.15 pm

If you wish to submit a motion to the AGM this must be seconded by another member
and received by the Business Secretary before 15th August 2018.

Members are invited to submit a proposed and seconded Nomination for Officers and Committee Members on a Nomination Form to be received by the Business Secretary on or before 15th August 2018.

Nomination forms are available at a General Meeting or may be downloaded from the B&G U3A website or from the MailChimp circular.


1. Opening of meeting by Ron Brobson, Acting Chairman

2. Minutes of the last AGM (8th February 2017) – currently available on Website

3. Matters arising from the Minutes not covered elsewhere in the Agenda

4. Acting Chairman’s report

5. Treasurer’s Report and Accounts - currently available on Website
To receive and approve the accounts for the period 1st January to 31st December 2017
To approve/reject recommendation on level of fees for the year commencing 1st January 2019

6. Re-appointment of Examiner for the Accounts – John Weir

7. To consider proposed amendments to the Constitution as below:

(A) Amendment of Clause 3 of the Constitution as requested by the Charities Commission

(B) Amendment of Clause 7iii (so that the Membership Secretary is listed as an “Officer”)

(C) Amendment of Clause 11ii

See relevant wordings below headed 'Proposed Amendments to the Constitution.'

8. To consider any Motions received

9. Election of a Committee for 2018-19

In accordance with Clause 7 of our Constitution, the existing Committee retires but the following, being eligible, offer themselves for re-election:

Di Angel Maurice Crockard Loretta Riddel

Hugh Armstrong is currently a co-opted member and is willing to be elected.

Further nominations are invited.

The allocation of positions within the committee will take place at the next committee meeting, on 17th September 2018.

10. Any other business

11. Next AGM – September 2019 (date to be confirmed)

The full text of the Baddow & Galleywood U3A Constitution is available on request to the Business Secretary, Martine Compton by email

Proposed Amendments to the Constitution

1) Clause 3. Charitable Purposes

Current clause (as in the Constitution dated September 2017):

The Objects of the U3A are:
[i] to advance the education of the public and in particular the education of middle aged and older people who are not in full time gainful employment, in Great Baddow and Galleywood and its surrounding locality.
[ii] the provision of facilities for leisure time and recreational activities with the object of improving the conditions of life for the above persons in the interests of their social welfare.

In this constitution “people in their Third Age” has the meaning set out above.

If the U3A is registered as a charity in England and Wales, the charitable purposes of The U3A may only be altered with the prior consent of the Charity Commission.

New Clause as requested by the U3A and agreed by the Charities Commission:

The advancement of education and in particular the education of older people and those who are retired from full time work, by all means including associated activities conducive to learning and personal development.

2)Clause 7.iii

This item specifies the Officers of the branch. Currently, it reads:

The Officers are the Chairman, not more than two Vice-Chairmen, Treasurer and Secretary. The Officers shall, by virtue of holding their office, be members of the Executive Committee. An individual may only serve in one Officer role at a time.

It is proposed that the Officers should include the ‘Membership Secretary’.

3) Clause 11.ii

This item specifies how transactions can be made. Currently, it reads:

The funds of The U3A shall be paid into such accounts as the Executive Committee may open in the name of The U3A. All transactions on such accounts shall be carried out in accordance with the terms of that account as agreed with the account provider and approved and accepted by the Executive Committee from time to time. Only members of the Executive Committee authorised by the Executive Committee to do so may arrange and authorise any transaction on any of The U3A’s accounts and dual authorisation shall normally be required for all transactions.

Proposal is to delete ‘and dual authorisation shall normally be required for all transactions’.


Baddow & Galleywood U3A

2017Accounts –Commentary

There were 3 Treasurers during 2017 which may account for some variation in allocations of expenditure within the main account. I don’t want to reopen the 2016 accounts, but you will see significant differences in costs of Printing, Refreshments and General Expenses between the two years. If added together the figures for the two years are £914 and £895, which is reasonable.

With the assistance of the Examiner I have changed the layout of the report from Receipts and Payments to Income and Expenditure; taking the view that this better describes financial activity during the year and allows comparison one year with another.

1. Generally, Reserves are up by £1150 to £9400.

2. Subs are up by £500 and Gift Aid accordingly as membership increases.

3. There was a reduction in Hall hire and Speakers costs.

4. The Reserves are considered high; how much they should be is a matter of opinion.

The Charity Commission, our regulator, says we should have some reserves and a Reserves Policy but abstains from a more explicit recommendation. The U3A recommends 6 months expenditure to be kept in hand (which would be £2500). That is what the Charity Commission used to say.

Costs have not increased in the way I expected and inflation has failed to do its expected job.
In Committee discussions we have put together a Reserves Policy and decided that we ought to reduce the money held. And that the only equitable way to do that is through the annual subscription. We looked at other approaches but they were selective and open to dispute.

The U3A says “on no account must money be returned to the members”

5. I don’t want to create a situation where we change the membership fee in two successive years because of the work caused to the Membership Secretary and to the Treasurer.

6. I’m proposing that we reduce the membership fee to £9 pa. This would reduce the amount collected by approx. £1500 pa and potentially allow that rate to be kept for at least a further 2 years. Much will depend on membership numbers and how unavoidable costs change.

7. There would be a corresponding reduction to £6 for the annual charge to Affiliates.

8. The year-end figures for each group using account 2 have been agreed with individual groups. This has not been undertaken recently but the differences were relatively slight.

9. There were two trips last year arranged by Family History. Both were in small surplus which I’ve transferred into the Family History account.

10. There are two funds which at present do not have homes. The Outings number at £251 has been left over for at least 3 years and I expect to transfer it to general funds during 2018. There is also a credit figure of £175 under Sundries arising from a deposit, largely in cash, in April 2016 which I have so far been unable to trace. I have contacted Barclays who were very helpful but unable to be specific. I propose to keep it separately for another year but if not claimed will transfer it also to general funds.

Hugh Armstrong

2017 Income and Expenditure(£) - Baddow & Galleywood U3A

----2017 Subs in Advance2004.00764.00Hall costs671.00
582.60Gift Aid637.861424.50Capitation Fees1407.00
1.04Interest1.24705.14U3A Magazines654.45
46.00Badge/Diary/Booklet69.0050.00Third Age Items91.25
---187.50Newsletters & Printing385.99
---146.20Refreshments General331.29
---581.06General Expenses & Stationery178.93
---242.80Conference Costs315.70
---172.80Assets Ins & Licences60.00
---1360.04Garden Party
---6569.04Total Expenditure4825.61
----1055.40Income > Expenditure1155.99
5513.64Income Total5981.60-Total5981.60
-Copped Hall206.00-Copped Hall Visit50.00

Balance Sheet at 31 December 2017

0Assets Repl. Value £3800440.009283.77Reserves at 1 January 20178228.37
7568.61Current A/c1344.00-1055.40Result for the year1155.99
2081.16Savings a/c7082.408228.37Reserves at 31 December 20179384.36
582.60Gift Aid Recoverable1220.462004.00Subscriptions received in advance106.50
-----Copped Hall net156.00

Signed by:

Hugh ArmstrongJohn WeirRoy Brackley

Date 31/12/2017


Baddow and Galleywood U3A Number 2 Account

Income and Expenditure for Year ended 31st December 2017

GroupB/f fromIncomeExpenditureBalance @
Computing Workshop22.7629.0090.00-38.24
Family History126.8052.9072.00107.70
F.H. - London Cosmopolitan trip0.001230.001230.000
F.H. - Nat. Arboretun trip0.004649.304649.300
Italian Conversation-7.7000-7.70
Local History - 120.86649.17462.62207.41
Local History - 24.40004.40
Music Performing108.06380.01288.13199.94
Singing for Pleasure290.97365.65280.80375.82
Table Tennis20.020020.02

Examiner: Mr John Weir
Chair: Roy Brackley ……………………………………………….

Treasurer: Gill Flynn ………………………………………………. Date…………………………………………….



Wednesday 8 February 2017 at 14.15

Held at Great Baddow United Reformed Church

PRESENT: Committee members - Avis Thompson (Chair), Roy Brackley, Carol Crick, Jenny Hastie, Mary Partis, Ian Pitwood, Loretta Riddel and various other members.

1. Apologies for Absence
Ron Brobson, Norma Henty and Brian Moss.

Avis welcomed members and thanked them for attending this and other meetings throughout the year.

2. Minutes of the AGM held on 10 February 2016 (Distributed previously)
Avis accepted the minutes.

3. Matters Arising
There were none.

4. Chairman’s Report

Avis informed the meeting that she was stepping down from the role of Chair of Baddow & Galleywood U3A, and that Carol Crick, Jenny Hastie, Brian Moss and Mary Partis were also stepping down from the committee. Avis thanked the following who had undertaken their roles diligently for a number of years:-

  • Carol and Jenny as Business Secretaries.
  • Mary as Minutes Secretary.
  • Brian Moss as Speaker Secretary. Avis commended Brian in his absence for engaging interesting and varied speakers over the past few years.

Avis thanked Sue McClellan for her commitment in fulfilling the role of Groups’ Coordinator, and Loretta Riddel for stepping in and working very hard to successfully cover the role of Membership Secretary in Alan Alderson’s absence.

Allen Buckroyd proposed that Maggie Nutt be commended for producing our splendid, interesting and colourful newsletter.

As well as appreciating all of the splendid work that committee members and co-ordinators had put in over the year, Avis thanked other committed members who had quietly but effectively contributed to the smooth running of our U3A. Avis thanked Roger North for setting out the chairs every month, and the refreshment organisers for their continued commitment and support.

Avis commented on the success of the summer garden party held at Galleywood Heritage Centre, and thanked organisers Carol and Jenny for their diligence.

Avis expressed sorrow at the death of Alan Alderson in November.

Finally, Avis thanked all the co-ordinators and outgoing committee members for their help and support over the last 12 months.

5. Presentation of Accounts (Emailed to members via MailChimp on 4 February 2017)

Roy presented the main and groups’ accounts, outlining some key features and inviting questions. Issues raised by members included:-

  • The absence of a Gift Aid value under Income. Roy apologised for not having claimed Gift Aid for 2016.
  • The large subscription sum (£2,004.00) apparently collected before 31 December 2016 for 2017. Roy said that the figure was accurate.
  • Expenditure of £1,360.04 for the garden party. Roy said that this was a net figure. A member expressed concern that the income and expenditure had not been presented separately.
  • Expenditure of £705.14 for U3A magazines. Roy said that this was to cover postage. Some members indicated that they would prefer not to receive the Third Age Matters magazine if it reduced postage costs.
  • Allen Buckroyd questioned the absence of both income and expenditure for the table tennis group. Roy said that no table tennis transactions had passed through the No.2 account.

RB thanked Interest Group Co-ordinators for looking after their groups’ finances.

6. Appointment of Examiner for the Accounts

Roy proposed John Weir as examiner for the 2017 accounts.

7. Election of Committee for 2017/18

Roy Brackley, Ron Brobson, Ian Pitwood and Loretta Riddel were re-elected for a further year.
The following were elected en bloc to join the committee:-

  • Di Angel (proposed by Linda Knock; seconded by Marjorie Ennew).
  • John Chapman (proposed by Ian Pitwood; seconded by Loretta Riddel).
  • Martine Compton (proposed by Norma Henty; seconded by Sue McClellan).
  • Tony Granados (proposed by Avis Thompson; seconded by Sue McClellan).
  • Norma Henty (proposed by Maggie Nutt; seconded by Martine Compton).

8. To receive and consider any resolutions previously sent to the Business Secretary

None sent.

9. Any other business

Sue McClellan proposed that the 2017 accounts be significantly more comprehensive than those presented today. Seconded by Maurice Crockard.

There being no other business, Avis thanked everyone for coming.

10. Date of Next AGM#

Wednesday 14 February 2018. (Subsequently moved to 12 September 2018).

Meeting closed at 15.15.

Signed as a true record……………………………………………(Chairman)