Baddow & Galleywood

005 May -18 - Clive - creating a website

Clive had done a lot of preparation and gave us an interesting talk last Friday. I am sure that some of the group might have a go at creating their own website.

Here are a few hints from Clive - 'I use Coffee Cup Software, a freeware program, that has a paid version with more facilities, but the free version is more than adequate for me.
I wanted to control the accuracy of my data and include resources that are often missing from on-line family trees on the major subscription services such as Ancestry, FMP and The Genealogist, sites which encourage users to upload whatever they know, even if wrong! Family Search allows others to amend your family trees, not something I could tolerate.

My original aim was to include pages for each of my and my wife's sixteen 'Quartiers' or gt, gt, grandparents; this being the first aim in locating all ancestral lines. Each of these pages includes a small family tree showing the eariest (or how far back in time) we have reached. There is also an alphabetical index that allows visitors to quickly go to any name they are interested in and a simple 'Contact Us' link that opens their own email program to make contact.

I will be very pleased to answer any questions that may arise and help anyone to get started on their own website.

At the present time website owners have to 'rent' a Domain Name and pay a fee to the providers of webspace. I use 'GoDaddy' based in the USA. Members may like to look at my website and I would appreciate any comments; see'

Martin had some news for us, that we may have missed - Ancestry now has the 1939 register which was previously only available on; also on Find my Past is the 1920 Electoral Register for England and Wales; there is a World War 2 Prisoner of War camp in Hatfield Heath – this link should take you to a video Martin also brought news of the next Who Do You Think You Are series -